Dead Forest

I’ve never understood this town. Lived here all my life, and still, I don’t get it.

What do they expect?

This town is right on the edge of Dead Forest. They know that bad things come out of those woods. They know about the dark magic lurking in the pines. They know it drives men mad.

They know.

And still.

They’re mad at me.



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World’s End

The world is ending.

We all know it.

Comets rain out of the sky, cascading through our thinning atmosphere. Unhindered as they pound against the earth. I can feel their heat.

There are a few safe places, sure. There always are.

Just because the world is ending doesn’t mean humanity is ending.

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Dark Preys at Night

The woods are not a place for playing.

Not at night.

I tell every one of them that. Every one of them that comes by my hut. I do everything possible to make it clear to them:

Be home by sundown.

Go home.

Don’t stick around.

Don’t wait for night.


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