Grave Awakening

“C’mon Stevie, don’t be such a slow poke!”

Sometimes, being friends with Guy Turner sucks.

Guy was currently in the lead, of course. Following right behind him was Lackey #1, or Hunter Wells as he’s more commonly known. Lackey #2, Greg Pitts, was right behind. Then it was Brock Richard, then me.

Brock seemed as reluctant as me to be here, doing this. As grateful as I was for his reluctance, I wish he’d say something. If it was me speaking out, Guy would ignore me. Then go through with whatever he was planning anyway and leave me behind, which meant that he’d be neck deep in danger later, or trouble.

Guy Turner was such a pain, but he was my pain, since he was my cousin. Golden Guy.

Golden as long as Silver Steve was around.

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If There’s a Wall, There’s a Way

There are walls everywhere.

Walls in our schools.

They keep the bustle separate from the learning, and the wind away from our papers. They keep the loud voices away from the soft ones, the chattering voices away from the subdued mid-test sighs, and they keep the outside away from the in.

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The Missing Link

Digging, digging, digging.

I’m looking for you.

I know you’re dead. I know you’re buried. I know you’re asleep.

Still, I search for you.

Shovel. Dirt. Sweat.

I dig, looking for you.

Straining, searching, sweating. Half the day, I burrow down into the earth.

Digging, digging, digging.

When I step back, you’re not there , and all I know is:

There’s a hole in the world.

And it still doesn’t lead to you.

Alternative title: Painful realization, brutal reality.

How to Brew a Snow Storm

Everything is loud here. Everything. The concrete walls reverberate every noise back to me in this prison.

The dogs are unhappy.

“Hey, Connor, did you let Steve out again today? He’s only had one break,” Jake asks.

His voice echoes off the walls, bouncing between me and him and the dog, Steve.

“No,” I reply.

Frowning, Jake says, “Well, get to it. The night shift is about to start soon, you know. If they see that you’ve only given him one break, you’ll be in trouble.”

His voice irritates the dogs all the more, and myself along with them. Their faces mash against their kennels, begging for something they can’t put into words.

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I suppose my first post out to be self-introductory, yes?

I am young, but experienced. Bold, but in most settings shy. High-energy, but I sleep a lot.

Like most human beings, I am a walking contradiction. Personally, I try to make up for it by owning it.


Thank you for taking your time to come here, to read my word vomit. To see me express myself and the world around me. Honestly, it means a lot to me that you’re here.

Thank you.

On this site, you’ll see some poetry, some short stories, maybe even some sample chapters of some books I’m writing/wanting to write. Whatever comes to mind really.

Which means this website might be a little scary, and certainly offbeat, because my mind is no calm place to be. I hope you find that you can weather this storm because my mind stops for no reason.