The Space Next to Me–Part 1

“Russ Towns is a thug”, “Russ Towns is a gangster”, “Russ Towns eats nails for breakfast”, “Russ Towns hates people”, “Russ Towns tortures small animals”, “Russ Towns will eat you in a heartbeat”, “Russ Towns is violent”, “Russ Towns is one scary dude”, “Russ Towns is going to kill someone someday”.

“Russ Towns is bad news”.

I’ve heard all of it before, over and over again. When I first met Russ Towns, I sort of believed it. Though, it didn’t matter much to me, personally. Mostly because I always kept to myself. Did my best not to interact with anyone. To lay low, stay out of sight.

But, then out of nowhere, came a fist.

The fist belonged to a guy who was definitely bad news.
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When I got home, he was under the sink.

And the sink was out from under the counter.

Parts that were unknown to me were scattered everywhere, creating a jumble of a sink. And a mess of a kitchen floor.

“What’re you doing?” I asked my husband.

There was a loud thunking. Clearly, I’d surprised him. He’d hit his head.

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Arlene of Atonement–Part 4

The royals were not sure what to make of this, of this strange form of being escorted.

Especially since they were on horseback, and the woman was not.

When they were told to mount horses with the wild warriors, they expected to be in the company of the wolfskin woman. Expected that she wouldn’t take her eyes off of them. That she would want them monitored.

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Elfish Desires

“Can you lend me your hand?”


“I’m a little too faint of heart.”

I groaned, but reached out and grabbed Kurt’s hand.

It was rough, and a bit damp. Probably because of how nervous he was. Though, honestly, I couldn’t blame him.

Having your girlfriend take you into a different dimension was a bit scary.

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Arlene of Atonement–Part 3

The royals had never seen such battle prowess. Not from a human, anyhow.

The woman was like a beast.

Without hesitation, she leapt up from the ground and slaughtered the next horseman easily. With those claws attached to her wrist armor, she made short work of the soldier.

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Finding Faith

Tell me.

Tell me to have faith in myself.

Tell me to listen to the sound of my own footsteps.

Tell me to walk to the beat of the words that I speak.

Tell me to trust my motions.

Tell me it’s okay to have faith in me.

Or else tell me to have faith in you.

Tell me you won’t let me stumble.

Tell me your hand rests in such a way that you’ll catch me should I fall.

Tell me that you’re here, walking behind me every step of the way.

Or else tell me nothing at all.

Because the thing I need most is faith.

And the thing I need least is an anchor.

The winds are blowing, and my sails are open.

Let me take to the sea.

Or else let the sea take all of me.

Don’t let me be stranded.

I’d rather be shipwrecked than covered in dust or rust.

So tell me,

Where is the faith I want to see?

Relentless Yes

I think we all have that one person that we just can’t say “no” to. We think about it or we try and it just… doesn’t work for some reason. You don’t know why, but you just can’t.

You’re just cursed to tell them “yes”.

Some people are self-aware. They know full well that they are this person for you, and so they try not to ask for outrageous favors or for too many favors or for any favors at all because they know that some ungodly force–some curse or blessing or whatever–is going to cause you to say “yes” no matter what the favor is. No matter how impossible or how terrible or how jam-packed your life already is, you’re going to say “yes”.

Unfortunately, I don’t have one of those people.

Not a person that I can’t say “no” to. I definitely have one of those. He’s my older brother.

What I meant was:

My older brother is not the self-aware type.

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Arlene of Atonement–Part 1

When The Slumbering Royals awakened, they were disoriented.

Which was not unusual.

If you were to sleep for random stretches of time, you’d be disoriented whenever you woke up as well.

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Diesel Covered Sincerity

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first job as a mechanic. Granted, I knew I’d be working with a lot of guys and–because I was a diesel mechanic–I knew I’d be working with a lot of diesel. I knew that I’d be working with buses, since this was a bus company, after all, and I knew I’d have whatever tools I needed in the shop.

However, I didn’t know about him.

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