Hyde Within

It tasted like sanitizer. Like rubbing alcohol. Like pouring acid down my throat. A plastic bottle full of poison.

But I drank anyway.

Let the burn run through me as the haze settled in. As I started to sway, to fog up.

To forget.

An impossible thing, forgetting.

But I’ll try anyway. Continue reading “Hyde Within”

Magic Is Not “Mine”

There is a root to selfishness.

It’s a knowledge. A knowing. When you reach out and push away, or grab at, or break. Looking at something and thinking to yourself “I want that” or “I want that away from me” or “I want to destroy that” and for no other reason than simply because you want to. Selfishness is being fully in the know about what you’re doing. Yes, you might deny it to yourself, but you know.

You know.

That’s selfishness. True and unfiltered selfishness, cut down to its root.

Knowing what you’re doing is wrong, and doing it anyway.

Knowing that getting what you want will hurt someone, put them at a disadvantage.


And doing anyway.

That’s why I can’t forgive them. Ignorant as some may be, they’re not all that way.

Some of them know. Continue reading “Magic Is Not “Mine””

Bone Reckoning

It wasn’t raining. Wasn’t night. The sun was shining through the window, beaming through the curtains to bring him the slightest ounce of light.

He didn’t want it.

He had no right.

A monster, a beast. The blood stained his house, beckoned at every door. He’d hunted, and he’d trapped, and he’d ripped them to shreds. Threw out their peace to bring favor for their dead.


The light was not his. Certainly, he had no right.

He picked up his pen, squinting at the sun. The thoughts haunting him, the terror of night.

And with his thoughts swirling, the dead rising in their call.

He began to write:

Journal entry 74, book 1189.

More than likely, this is my last entry. I hope to survive this ordeal, but I don’t believe I will.

If God is true, and just, and mighty, then I will not.

If God is truly mighty, then surely:

I must die. Continue reading “Bone Reckoning”

Through Fire

I had always believed myself to be irredeemable. A monster.

Fire is a destroyer.

I was only doing what I did best. The thing my skin and bones were formed to do.


Flames eating away the countryside. Dancing in and out of cottages, casting ash and shadows through the night. Bleeding burnt offerings into the sky.

I am a fire.

And I burn everything I touch.

I know it.

And they know it.

And you knew it, too.

Strangely enough, you were still the odd man out.

Because you didn’t care. Continue reading “Through Fire”

World’s End

The world is ending.

We all know it.

Comets rain out of the sky, cascading through our thinning atmosphere. Unhindered as they pound against the earth. I can feel their heat.

There are a few safe places, sure. There always are.

Just because the world is ending doesn’t mean humanity is ending.

Right? Continue reading “World’s End”

Spirits May Tell

No one wanted to tell him.

And I don’t blame them.

Not even I wanted to tell him.

Clearly he wasn’t thinking right. Wasn’t in the right mind anymore. Something in him broke, a switch flipped, and, suddenly, he wasn’t the same king anymore.

Such a shame too.

He was such a good king. And he was so young.

He was kind and gentle. Wise and just.

And he was my friend.

But sometimes it isn’t enough.

It wasn’t enough. Continue reading “Spirits May Tell”

Power Trip

For centuries, humans have scrambled for power.

They scramble, and run, and invent.

They do everything possible to get more, if only an inch more. They’ll slave for hours, days, years, to gain just one more centimeter. To move just one more step toward power.

They’ll do anything.


Asking me for my aid.

Humanity makes a lot of mistakes in their pursuit of power.

But, I have to say.

Asking me?

That’s the worst of them. Continue reading “Power Trip”

Slides and Screen Doors

At the very beginning of the night, I fell through the screen door. Just, like, fwish. That was the kind of sound it made. And then there was the loud thud or whatever as my drunk ass hit the ground, but that’s not the important part.

At the start of tonight, I fell through a screen door.



That’s not right.

It’s not right.

That happened after.

Way after.

Because I still had my hat on, but I hadn’t busted my knee hopping into the slide.

Not yet.

…not yet. Continue reading “Slides and Screen Doors”

Killer via Carrot

You know what’s terrible? What makes you feel like the absolute worst?

When something goes wrong, and you know, with absolutely certainty that it’s one hundred percent your fault.

It’s awful.

You get this festering in your stomach. This sort of hollow, ache. Thoughts circulate worse than a whirlpool, and it takes you under. Thoughts about how it’s your fault. How awful this thing you’ve done is. And then comes the real kicker: Continue reading “Killer via Carrot”

Beast of Myself

It’s alright.

People are running away from me, screaming. Scrambling to get away. To get across the street, to get inside a building, to get away. Their panic makes cars screech and honk and then peel out, away from the sidewalk where I’m walking. Taking my casual stroll.

It’s alright.

Even if I’m lost. Even if all I want right now is some directions. Even if the sirens are closing in.

It’s alright.

It just means that they know who I am now. That they know what I’ve done. That I’m being taken seriously.


Finally. Continue reading “Beast of Myself”