Blood For Atonement

I am the one who knocks. Who breaks the town gates down. Tears their security to pieces as I remind them that there is a curse with a claim on them. Remind them that they spilt blood. Regardless of how long ago it was, they spilt blood.

And they must pay.

Again and again and again.

Not until the debt is repaid.


There is no way to pay for the life of someone so precious.


They will pay until they understand what it is that they’ve taken. Until they understand.

What is a life worth to them?

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Lion Rising


I’ll never forget the last words of that man. The one who stood above the rest. Who called himself a man, while others claimed him a hero. He was the type of man that would stoop to tie your shoe for you, even if you were older than five. The type of guy who didn’t mind picking trash out of parking lots, even if no one asked. He was the type of guy who listened before he spoke, thought before he acted, and only raised his voice to shout encouragement.


It was only one word.

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Star Collision

“Do you know why I brought you here?”

I don’t.

One minute, I was in my room, sulking. And now, I’m somewhere else.

Somewhere else entirely.

The stars shine beneath my feet. Like standing on a glass aquarium, only, instead of sharks, there are millions of fires burning. Lights that flicker and don’t fade. That burst, but don’t explode. A brightness that I can’t describe, that shines brightly like a thousand suns to create a million rainbows to light up a thousand thunder storms. It’s the top of the world, the mouth of heaven. A place anyone would be mystified by.

It’s glorious.

But I still don’t know where “it” is.

Or why I’m here.

So I shake my head at the man. The man who had the funny markings on his face. The white-hot glowing eyes. That angelic smile.

That angelic smile that looks so accepting. So knowing.

So soft.

“Let me show you,” he says.

Honestly, I don’t know how he can show me anything at all.

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This place is so cruel.

Light shining only through darkness. Day only reaching out after the light. Beauty only existing because ugly things take root here.

This world is so cruel.

And I’ve known that. For so long—all my life in fact—I’ve known it. Lived it. Experienced it.

So why?

Why did I think I’d get away from it?

That I could outrun this, my greatest fear, and still reach the light?

Kind of stupid, really.

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The Ground, Understood

You were burying something.

I don’t know how we got there, or why, really. I just know that it was the middle of the night, and I was asleep, and then I wasn’t. I wasn’t, and you were gone. So I followed. Followed you out there, stood silently as I watched. We were in the woods, and you were standing there with a shovel in your hand, that favorite hoodie of yours covering you like a blanket while your gym shorts allowed your legs to breath. You stood there, breath coming out in the cold air, small puffs. You stood there, looking at the ground. Sifting though the dirt.

You were burying something.

And I stood there watching.


And I knew.

It wasn’t the time to ask.

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Sticky Situation

Honestly, I hated this. Every moment of it.


You have to do what you have to do. Especially when what you have to do is stop yourself from killing others.


Being a Werewolf 101:

You go crazy on full moons. Whether you want to or not, and you’ll probably end up killing someone.

Being a Werewolf 102, though:

Witches can help.

They’re a pain in the ass, and they’re crazy, and mostly smell like moss and stinky cheese.


They can help.

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Selfless Instinct


The sound blasts through the sky. It makes the birds stop and blocks out the sound of any semblance of sense. Those in the immediate area lose it, while those far enough away run for their lives. Uncertainty fills the air.


It’s a command.

It doesn’t come from above, nor does it come from below. It’s a call. A demand. Something that can’t be ignored because it isn’t a phone ringing, and it isn’t a dog singing. It’s not loud, and it’s not soft. It is what it is.

It comes from within.


So I do.

I take my cues from myself, and I turn, and I run.

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Wolf in Wolf’s Clothes

A hunter’s job is to hunt.

That’s a given.

We don’t spend our days in the woods to come out empty handed. We’ve got mouths to feed—namely, our own—and finding nothing makes for a pretty boring day anyhow.

But there are certain things we don’t expect to find.

Certain things we don’t want to run into.

And certain things we’d never even think we’d ever run into.

Like a wolf in wolf’s clothes.

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Tomorrow’s Fight

Trembling in the night.

That’s what I remember most.

A biting, bitter cold that settled into our bones. The unavoidable urge to shake. To shudder. Our hearts beating along anyway, begging for warmth.

Was it that cold before?

I didn’t think so. I still don’t think so.

There was something else settling around us. Not a change in the weather, but a change in the atmosphere. The heavy fog collecting around us, engulfing.


That’s what it was.

Because there was the unshakable knowledge, the undoubted presence of the future. A train running for a station, unyielding, unstoppable. The future coming for us.

And it wasn’t bright.

They were coming.

In fact, they’d be here soon.

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