Flames of Hope

There is something calming about sitting by candlelight.

The glow is gentle, and warm. A tiny blaze to hold for yourself. To warm you, or light your way, or simply to admire. To remind you that there is light and warmth in this world. To remind you that nothing is all darkness. To remind you that, no matter how dark it gets, there can always be light.

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Approaching Storms

Avoidance is not always the answer, because it’s not always possible.

That’s what my Grandpa used to tell me. He’d talk about facing things head-on, not backing down, not hiding from your problems. Facing them boldly, like a lion, or a tiger would. As a creature with pride, and power.

Easy for him to say.

He was a hulk of a man. Six foot ten, weighing over two-fifty in pure muscle, with a snarl that could peel the hackles off a hyena. He was a beast.

But just because it seemed easier for him didn’t mean it was.

And it sure as hell didn’t mean he was wrong.

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BOOK UPDATE, because I haven’t thrown it at you in a few days


Alright y’all, book update:

I’ve got 98 reading behaviors so far.

I need 1200 to be considered for publishing.


98 is a lot. Like, a ton for me. And, no matter what happens, I’m uber grateful.

Not that this is over, because it’s not. Not by a long shot.

So, if you haven’t read it, please do! And if you like my work, please share the link! And the link for my blog too (if you don’t mind). I have been doing some advertising, but only on pages that allow it, so I’ve only been able to reach “x” amount of people a day. (Plus, it seems kind of… I don’t know, inauthentic, I guess? When it comes from me. People seem to respond better when others share a work than if it’s just the author/creator sharing it.)

Also, a plot summary that I’ve been throwing out:

It’s a story about survival, big bad werewolves, and vampires you’d like to take for a nice sunny walk during the afternoon in the summer time (if you catch my drift).

So, if you know anyone who’s into that kind of thing, please throw it at them (nicely).

And I swear not everything that runs through my mind is werewolf related. It just seems that way because of the EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF STORIES I WRITE ABOUT THEM.

I’ll admit it. I’m not blind to my own ways. I do write a LOT about werewolves/wolves. It can be a little ridiculous.

I do have a lot of love for werewolves though. Aside from dragons, they’re my favorite mythical beast.

So, anyway, thanks everyone!

P.S. The book is free to read, as of right now. So if you end up not liking it, or your friend/family member/whoever you recommend it to doesn’t like it, they’re not losing much 😉

Kindred Traveler

There’s this road that keeps coming up. It’s not in my dreams, but it sure does feel like it. Just staring down the road gives you that heady feeling. Like sleep should be the number one priority of this moment, but, somehow, pictures and words and sounds are invading.

It’s got that feel.

Like the road is coated in sleep-fog. The kind of dreams.

But it isn’t.

It’s a real road.

A road that you can travel.

For sure.

I know.

Not because I’ve traveled it (though, I am now).

But because you traveled it. Continue reading “Kindred Traveler”

Victory Well

Honestly, I have no idea how it came to this. One minute, I was looking into the well, commenting on the old rocks. The decrepit state the old well was in. How it used to be used so often, and now it sat abandoned. Condemned. People speculated that it was cursed even. That the waters never ended in the bottom.

And now?

Now I was hanging off the side. My hand gripping a loose rock as I fought off the notion of falling down. Of plummeting into the dark water.

Of never coming out again.

I don’t know how I got here.

I don’t know.

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Clear Waves

“Are you sure this is safe?”


I laugh, I can’t help it. He’s always exceptionally honest.

I appreciate that.

Though it doesn’t help ease my worry as I slowly slip into the empty pool. My feet dangle into the hollow place, too short to reach the bottom right away.

Something grips my hips. Continue reading “Clear Waves”


There used to be air in these lungs. I’d fill them, over and over again, just to listen to the air leave me. To feel myself change the wind, if only for a moment. To change the wind, if only inside of me.

But now?

I don’t know.

I’m not sure.

I don’t know where it went.

Where did all the air go? Continue reading “Breathless”

Grave Secrets

The earth reaches up to me.

And I push it down.

I take my bare hands and I slam into the dirt. I claw, and I punch, and I pack it down. Soft gets matted down into tough turf. Loose soil loses it’s gentle touch as I pound it into something coarse, unforgiving.

There are legions under the dirt.

There are whole worlds buried beneath this earth.

Monsters and milestones and madness.

Things that time has forgotten. That humanity has forgotten. Things that are no longer important, because people have stopped knowing they existed.

This will be no different. Continue reading “Grave Secrets”

Lost But Searching

I was not the one to put things together.

I wasn’t.

There is no way I could ever possibly hope to take credit for this. For any of this. These stars and moons. The way the planets are spaced. The way the wind carries budding life from place to place. Not even the way rivers get dammed. I can’t take credit for any of that.

No, I wasn’t the one who puts things together.

I’m just the maintenance. Continue reading “Lost But Searching”

Your Name

There are thousands of them.

Thousands of things I name after you. Continue reading “Your Name”