The Greatest Gamble

I’m not a gambler.

Taking risk at any time for any reason petrifies me. Why bet on something uncertain when you can invest in something that will definitely grow? I don’t even like playing Texas Hold ’em for fun. It freaks me out. Putting my chips down, watching people go all in, even winning hands scares me.

It all freaks me out. Gives me anxiety.

And the biggest risk of all?

Isn’t that obvious? Have we not talked about it enough? Aren’t we all in agreement already?

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Treasure of Gods

You know what’s boring?


It’s a fairly predictable process. Even after thousands of years, it hasn’t changed. People pick one day a year to come, to bow, to pretense a prayer, and then they leave a goat or a sheep behind for me.


I own the whole forest! Why would I want your goats when I have my own?

And then they leave for a year. They don’t even attempt to speak to me until it’s that time of year again. The time where they try selfishly to appease me.

I don’t want sacrifice from people.

I want adventure.

And that girl, right there? The one running haphazardly through my woods, with not a single regret about escaping?

She’s the one.

The one who will give me adventure.

I can’t wait.

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Take Care, Dear Dragon

“Look, this isn’t a bad idea.”

“Every time you say that, a fairy drops dead somewhere.”

“That’s not true. I have great ideas.”

“Remember that time you thought you could fix the cold by releasing thousands of dragons?”

“That was different…”

“That time you wanted to depopulate the piranhas so you released a ton of alligators into the lake?

“Okay, that was–”

“That time you electrocuted the water to kill off the gators and accidentally nearly killed a boy?”

“Uh… Okay, I’ll admit, that was dumb.”

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Mouse as Art

Cameras capture moments.

I think that was a slogan for some… thing my college was doing. They wanted everyone to take pictures at this particular event, post them, tag them, blah blah blah.

But you know what I hate most about pictures?

They’re dead.

You take a moment and you nail it into a frame. Rather then letting the moment breath and be in your memory, you taxidermy it because you’re not sure if you’ll remember it.

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Life of a Dog

What kind of creature loves unconditionally, I wonder?

Who is so loyal that they come back, time and time again, even after they’ve been beaten?

How can a creature have such a capacity to love?

Am I always this lazy when it comes to love? Is there an exception? How can I find that sort of strength? That sort of courage? That sort of loyalty?

Looking down at the creature in my arms, I want so desperately to know.

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Princess and the Wolf

Princesses are always supposed to be rescued by a prince. That’s how the story always goes. And it goes that way for a reason, yes? No one wants to see the princess end up with some ugly bandit or frumpy innkeeper. Princes are ideal. They’re daring, brave, strong, and future kings. If nothing else, they can secure a good future for their princess bride. Everyone wants the princess to end up with the charming prince.

Especially the princess.

Believe me, I’d know.

I’m the princess, after all.

At least, in this tale I am.

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Misunderstandings at the Grave

It’s dark out. The moon barely shining through the clouds.

Tonight, the graves aren’t in our favor. We few dumb teenagers who dare traipse through rows of the dead.

Tonight we have no favor.

I hear it somewhere deep in the bowels of the graveyard. A tomb is opening. A coffin creaks. And I know.

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You, Iscariot


I stand and you stand with me. Looking out over the crowd we’ve gathered together, the people who are in mind with us. Alike. In unity.

That’s what we are. Unified. Two people, moving as one.

I wonder…

Is this the moment it changed?

Or have you always been a snake?
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The Between

It’s too hard to describe it exactly. All I can do is try.

It’s like floating through fire. As if water weren’t good enough for a swim. Only, you don’t burn, you tingle. So, maybe it’s like swimming through lightning? You can feel it’s different there. Hollow. Like everything has been scooped out, and you’re traveling right through that niche where everything once was. And the stuff that was ejected? Rejected? Gutted out? That stuff is still there.

You can feel it even if you close your eyes.

It’s above you. Below you. Around you. Personally, I think it’s the reason you tingle when you travel through. The feeling of thousands of years of waiting, focused on you as you pass by. Thousands of greedy eyes locked onto you. Thousands of hungry hands reach for you, trying to pull you in, ask you the secret to moving through, to being unstationary. The key to being alive.

Don’t get stuck in the Between though.

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To Be or to Seem?

Nobody in this town likes rainy days. Nobody.

No one.

It isn’t because of the gloom or the canceled sports games. Nobody is afraid of flash floods. Not because of the lightning or the thunder. Those are nothing.

Nothing compared to him.

The wolf.

When it rains, he comes.

The wolf.

I feel a drop of water.

He’s coming.

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