Ghost Fire

It was on fire.


In an instant, the smoke alarm was protesting. Yelling at me from above. Judging, like a tiny, angry, petty god. Screeching before I could fix my mistake. Refusing me a chance to right my wrong.

Waking my mentor.

Disheveled, he burst through the door—his bluish white hair all askew, and his beard half-smushed from sleep—his eyes going wide when he saw the scene before him. When he saw the flames, and smoke, and chagrined look on my face.

“Damnit Beatrice, I told you: no summoning fire-sprits! And definitely not in the house!”

“Yes sir,” I intoned, saddened as he grabbed the fire extinguisher.

And, with one blast of continuous white fog, he put the fire out.

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I cleave the building.

Split it in two.

It crumbles, the giant skyscraper. Creaking like an ancient door, cracking like lightning. All of its stories falling, echoing thunder. The building roars as it falls, and people run from it. Completely terrified.

But I don’t stop.

I don’t stop.

I throw another bolt of lightning. Shake the earth with a kick. Yell, and the foundations all shake.

I am not done destroying, not yet.

I won’t be done for quite some time.

This must all come crashing down, you see. These terrors and raging beasts. The creatures that carve out destruction, that lay waste to each other and the beasts of this earth.

I won’t stop until they’re all gone.

Until all this ends.

Until there is nothing but a clean slate left.

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Air Raid

I could hear the moaning outside. The tell-tale sign that something was happening. Growing in the dark of the night. A moaning that was not made by any person. I could hear it, the wolves howling into the night. Piercing through our houses, our homes. Warning us:

It comes.

It comes tonight.

Run, if you dare. Hide, if you can. Do what you must to survive.

They come.

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I heard the thundering off in the distance. The rolling percussion that signaled their arrival. That sounded the alarms. That started the wave of panic.

They’re coming.

The Four.

Today, they ride.

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Hyde Within

It tasted like sanitizer. Like rubbing alcohol. Like pouring acid down my throat. A plastic bottle full of poison.

But I drank anyway.

Let the burn run through me as the haze settled in. As I started to sway, to fog up.

To forget.

An impossible thing, forgetting.

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Monsters and Might

I remember the first night I saw them. The monsters. I remember thinking that they were massive. Strange. Fangs and claws and tusks and scales and fur and tails and spikes—

They were strange.

And deadly.

So very, very deadly.

Nobody dares to fight them now. Nobody. When the bravest of warriors became swallowed by them, that was when we stopped fighting them. Stopped trying to fight back. Instead, we tried to build walls. Fences. Gates. Anything, really, in a desperate bid to keep them out.

Not that it worked.

It never worked.

Not for very long, anyway. The creatures always seemed to find a way in.

Always found a way around our barricades. Our walls. Our protection.

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From The Glass

I found a glass.

It looked like a tube. A spyglass that had lost most of its bulk. It was transparent, but the material inside was jagged. Edged. Sharp. If it broke, it would probably splinter, with the way it was bent inside. Twisted.


That’s what it did.

A spyglass that made things closer. That made them bigger. A spyglass that brought things to the forefront of your mind, by bringing it to the forefront of your eyes.

Warped interior and all.

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Unity Among Us

Fire and lightning.

They were not happy.

I wasn’t aware that it could come to this. That their tempers would climb so high. That they would stoop so low. As I watched, the earth began to tremble. Humanity began to shake. The foundations of the earth shook angrily at their quarrel.

And I, myself?

What was I doing?

I was watching.

All along.

Through every kick and every punch and every strike.

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More Than A God

A static fills the air, charges it with heat.

And then explodes.

Light and heat burst forth, cracking the air. Yellow or purple or blue explodes before the eyes. Asserting itself with a roar, with fire, with destruction.

What’s more devastating than a lightning strike?

Such a sudden thing. Such a fickle thing.

Here and then gone. A flash and nothing more.

I don’t want to be a lightning strike. Not just a lightning strike. Not when I can be so much more.

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Through Fire

I had always believed myself to be irredeemable. A monster.

Fire is a destroyer.

I was only doing what I did best. The thing my skin and bones were formed to do.


Flames eating away the countryside. Dancing in and out of cottages, casting ash and shadows through the night. Bleeding burnt offerings into the sky.

I am a fire.

And I burn everything I touch.

I know it.

And they know it.

And you knew it, too.

Strangely enough, you were still the odd man out.

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