Reviving Passion

“Listen, I did it right.”

“Uh huh, sure you did.”

“I did!”

“If you’d done it right, it’d be working, now wouldn’t it?”

“Listen, if I did it right, and you bought doubly-dead parts, it wouldn’t work no matter which way I put them.”

Excuse me? You’re going to try and put this on me? You cheeky bastard.”

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Broken Revision

Let me ask you something:

If something is broke—so broke you can’t fix it—what do you do with it?


That’s what I’m saying.

Granted, the same thing shouldn’t apply to people. It shouldn’t work the same. Especially when people claim to be for the greater good. Claim that they stand for something more. Stand for better times, or hope, or peace, or whatever. You’d think that they—of all people—would be a little more patient. A little more forgiving.

Let me tell you something:

They’re not.

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The Day the Dragon Swallowed Fire

At first, I didn’t like the boots. I felt too clunky. Like some kind of cheap, party clown.

But now?

Now I’m used to them. And I’m grateful for them. Without the boots, I’d have lava stuck to my soles.

I’ve never had lava on me before, but I imagine it’d be ridiculously painful. Most people’s skin doesn’t recover.

So, the boots are actually nice.

After all, lava dragons aren’t called ‘lava dragons’ for no reason.

And I would know.

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Swept Away

I didn’t trust it at first.

Why would I? It seems rather strange, doesn’t it? For an average woman to be invited down there. Into the ocean.

By the king of the sea, no less.

Yeah, definitely strange.

It took me weeks to finally agree. Weeks.

When I finally did, he looked… happy. Glad. Not like someone who had something up their sleeve, but someone who wanted to share something important with someone else. Like someone who was getting ready to give someone a gift.

Granted, that could mean nothing.

The Sea King was a mythical man. A man that was not quite a man. For all I knew, that was how sea kings looked when they were readying to drown someone.

But still.

I didn’t think that’s where he was taking me.

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“Do we have to bring another one so soon? These bodies get heavier and heavier every time.”

“Shut up and keep hauling.”

“Ugh. Fine. But you’re taking me to get an ice cream after we dump it.”

“Don’t say that.”

“Say what?”

“‘Dump it’. Don’t say ‘dump it’.”

“Why not?”

“It’s so… irreverent. Like we’re common crooks or mafia thugs or something. Like we’re lowly peons.”

“Aren’t we lowly peons? I mean, we’re dragging a body, and it’s not for our own sakes. Right?”

“We’re not peons.”

“Then what are we?”

The night grew thick in that moment. As if a spirit-filled fog settled between the two quarrelers. The more convicted one looked to the complainer a moment. Looked to him and decided that, yes. Maybe the fellow next to him was, in fact, a peon.

But he, himself, was more.

So much more.

He looks away from the fellow. A dark pooling sensation settling in his stomach. Gurgling and oozing. Hiding what was beneath the surface.

Looking away from his companion, he says what he’s thinking out loud.

“I’m not sure what you are, but I know:

“I’ll be the one that wields the beast.”

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Message to Fate

The dogs go first.

They scamper, running toward our goal. Snapping and barking and baying as they go. Mouths frothing, foaming with excitement as they rush forward. Their teeth bared, snapping.

Their job isn’t to harm though, and they know it.

They’re quite good at their job.

My dogs lunge into the town. Snapping and yipping and nipping people into a frenzy. Into a herd.


The gathering of the gods’ hounds.

The heralding of news.

Something is coming.

He is coming.

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Kicking Tires

“Okay, so, why does it have to be me?” I ask again into my phone.

The person on the other end sighs.

“Because we want you to kick the tires—so to speak. See if it’s worth the money. You’re the only one with enough knowledge to be able to tell if it’ll be worth anything or not. Besides, even if there were someone with enough know-how, I’d still trust your word over theirs any day.”

He’s buttering me up, trying to get me to agree.

After a momentary internal debate, I sigh.



“What’s the address?”

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One-Way Mirror

I didn’t want this. Not a single drop.

But here it is, crashing down on me.

I tried my best. I did. With all my power, I did everything I could to avoid this. To make a different outcome. I stretched my hands out to the river and pulled with all my might.

But, I’m not Hercules.

The river didn’t flinch.

And the water rushed on, ignoring my pleas.

Denying me any help at all.

And as it rushed on, it brought me to my knees. Because it meant a lot of things, but one hit me particularly hard.

I failed.

This herculean task just wasn’t meant for me.

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When you live on the ocean, you can feel the waves. They set you at ease with their constant pressure. The way they push you, further and further out to sea. It isn’t terrifying. Not something you fear or dislike or find annoying. It just… is what it is. A comfort. Consistency at its finest.

And when the waves stop moving you?

Obviously, something is wrong.

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