Ambition is Not for Quitters

You know what’s stupid?

Giving up.

Giving up just because. Just because it got harder, or became more tiresome, or because it wasn’t as smooth a road as you thought it’d be.

It’s stupid.

Give up because you don’t want that path anymore. Because your goals have changed. Because you’ve found something better. Give up because what you want is something else. Give up when you’ve reached a point where you understand yourself better, understand your goals better.

Yeah, sure. That’s fine.

But giving up just because?

That’s stupid.

Stupid, and pointless.

Where’s the assurance in that?
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Overpower, Love

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

I’ve heard it before.

Do I think it’s real? That it’s a solid saying? That it’s founded in truth?


Yes I do.

I wouldn’t be here if I believed otherwise. Wouldn’t be fighting for this cause. Wouldn’t risk my life for it.

If I didn’t believe in that saying, I wouldn’t be standing behind him.

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The Dragon’s Captive


“Yes father?”

“You… you know we usually kidnap princesses, right?”

“Of course father!”

“Then… why did you bringĀ her?”

“Her” was referring to me.

A scrawny, brown haired farm girl wearing gray clothes and reeking of goat.

The boy—who was actually a dragon—smiled happily. Both at me, and then at his father.

“Because, I like this one. She’s cute.”

And—although it’s not really the story I’m telling—that’s the story of the first time someone called me “cute”.

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Mistakes and Placebos


What a stupid, dull concept.

Have the idea of something. Here, take it. Swallow it. Take it every day, three times a day, even. This pill of water. This false idea. Take the idea of getting something to make you better, the idea of something that will make you well, and shove it down your throat. Make it up in your mind. Make yourself think this is helping. Think it over.

And over and over and over.

I hate placebos.

I hate them because…



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Grim Awaits

“I’ll be here.”

The words repeat themselves over and over in my mind. My legs move to stand, and they stop. The words are there.

I’ll be here.

Sit. Stand. Sit. Fidget. Keep sitting.

Don’t move a muscle.

The promise can’t be broken. I can’t be found a liar.

I’ll be here.

I sit.

And I wait.

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Power is not about strength.

Nobody told him that.

Nobody told him when he was training. When he ran till his legs broke. Pulled till his muscles collapsed. Till he broke every fiber and bone down into nothing, just to build it all up again.

When he filled his skin with stacks upon stacks of muscles. When he transformed himself from man to weapon. When he gave up his last breath for a chance at something more.

Nobody told him.

I think that, even now, he might not know.

Power isn’t about strength.

It’s endurance.

Tell me:

What endures more?

A mouse?

Or a lion?

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Another Book Update :)

Into the Wilderness

Written by:


If you’re new here (or maybe you just haven’t heard) I’ll tell you a secret.

I wrote a book!

Alright, so it’s not a secret. It’s clearly on the internet and viewable by anyone who desires to view it. So, not a secret.

But I digress.

I haven’t done an update about it in a while, so here are the stats:

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Lost in the Jungle

You’ve always thought that the wild was outĀ there. That it was escapable. Something you could hide from or shy away from. Something tangible. Something you could go out looking for or avoid entirely.

It’s not.

That’s not how it works at all.

You don’t move into the jungle.

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I’m not sure what it was I was seeing, I just knew.

I was seeing something shady.

Something about the way he called Ringer out. The way they shuffled out the door. The reluctance on Ringer’s face and the shifting of the caller’s eyes. Something about it all just…

…added up.

I was seeing something shady happen. A deal maybe, or a conversation. Something about it wasn’t right. Wasn’t on the up.

I just didn’t know why.

Not until later.


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Wild Fears


They’ve said that about me. Multiple times.

And they’ve never been wrong.

I don’t live on impulses, or by instinct.

I live by fear.

Fear that someone might best me. That they might cut my throat in my sleep. Fear that I might lie down and never open my eyes again. Fear that if I put my hand to the ground, it will get crushed under someone’s foot. Fear that the rope might snap. That my sails might tear. Fear that I might become swallowed in a tornado, or that I might not be able to best a bull.

I live with fear.

It powers me. Fuels me.


That’s what I am.

Because when the fear takes over—and, believe me, it does—

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