Shattering Silence

Libraries have a certain aesthetic. Everyone knows it. Even if you’ve never set foot in a library before, you can understand the atmosphere the moment you finally do.


That is the exact climate of a library.

Quiet. Stillness.

No exceptions.

All libraries are supposed to be silent. They’re a place for thinking. For imagining or pondering or calculating. It is a factory for the mind. A place to refine the tool that sits in your skull.

And the best way to think?


And the best way to remain uninterrupted?


The very heart of a library.

That’s why, when Felix Homes entered the library, I knew:

That silence?

It was going to be shattered.
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Through the Dust

There’s nothing out there.

I know it. And I have to live with it, every day.

There’s nothing out there.

The landscape is dry, cracked. Everything is dead almost. Only the most vicious of beasts adapted. Only the most obscure life forms survived.

Including myself.

I look over the emptiness. Over the sand and the dust and the sun, crisping the surface of this world, and I know it.

There’s nothing out there.

But still.

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The Monster Machine

I’m not an angel.

Not a demon.

I’m just a man.

Just a man.

And because of that, I know.

One day, I’ll see that other side. I’ll make it across the gap. I’ll walk that bridge on the borderlands. Say goodbye to the things I know, to this life of deceptions and storms. I’ll walk into that other place, find myself On The Other Side.

And what will I find, On The Other Side, I wonder?

Will it be hell that greets me?

Will it be heaven?

Hah. Doubtful.

A man such as myself could never hope to reach so high from such a dark depth. I could never reach heaven. Not from this fathom.

No, hell is much closer. Right on my heels, really.

So, what to do?

Hell isn’t a very pleasant place, you know.

So, what to do?


Very simple:

If I can’t reach heaven, then I’ll raise hell.

I’ll raise it up, and up, and up, until the very tips of both touch. Until the guiding light of heaven reaches down into the pits of hell.

And I’ll cross.

Because if you think that I’ll stop myself. Become something I’m not to appease the rules.

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The Space Next to Me–Part 3

Seven years ago was the most recent time I saw Russ Towns.

Well, not exactly seven. But, about seven years ago.

Since then, I’d moved upward. Not onward, just upward.

I’d graduated.

Gotten a job.

Gotten an apartment.

Gotten myself a boyfriend.


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Chasing Lions

In the woods, not far from here, there is a secret:


Such a thing seems like an impossible secret, right? Such loud, glorious creatures couldn’t possibly stay hidden. Stay secret.

But I swear.

They’re there.

And they don’t bite. They don’t roar at you. They don’t maul people.

So then, what do they do?

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The Space Next to Me–Part 2

Russ Towns and I had had ten lunches together.

Okay, so, a little over a handful.

As of the tenth lunch, I’d seen him retrieve a ball from a stream for some kids, help an old lady with directions, covertly stop a display stand from falling over, stopped someone’s dog from running away, saved a squirrel from traffic, and on top of all that, he’d walked me home every day from school, just so I wasn’t attacked by Hue.

All while looking angry.

I wasn’t beginning to understand why Russ had gotten such a bad rep. No, I completely understood.

It was these invisible things he did in such a scary manner. His opacity was on zero while he attempted to color the landscape.

In other words:

Russ was a ghost.

In his own life.

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The Space Next to Me–Part 1

“Russ Towns is a thug”, “Russ Towns is a gangster”, “Russ Towns eats nails for breakfast”, “Russ Towns hates people”, “Russ Towns tortures small animals”, “Russ Towns will eat you in a heartbeat”, “Russ Towns is violent”, “Russ Towns is one scary dude”, “Russ Towns is going to kill someone someday”.

“Russ Towns is bad news”.

I’ve heard all of it before, over and over again. When I first met Russ Towns, I sort of believed it. Though, it didn’t matter much to me, personally. Mostly because I always kept to myself. Did my best not to interact with anyone. To lay low, stay out of sight.

But, then out of nowhere, came a fist.

The fist belonged to a guy who was definitely bad news.
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When I got home, he was under the sink.

And the sink was out from under the counter.

Parts that were unknown to me were scattered everywhere, creating a jumble of a sink. And a mess of a kitchen floor.

“What’re you doing?” I asked my husband.

There was a loud thunking. Clearly, I’d surprised him. He’d hit his head.

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Arlene of Atonement–Part 4

The royals were not sure what to make of this, of this strange form of being escorted.

Especially since they were on horseback, and the woman was not.

When they were told to mount horses with the wild warriors, they expected to be in the company of the wolfskin woman. Expected that she wouldn’t take her eyes off of them. That she would want them monitored.

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Elfish Desires

“Can you lend me your hand?”


“I’m a little too faint of heart.”

I groaned, but reached out and grabbed Kurt’s hand.

It was rough, and a bit damp. Probably because of how nervous he was. Though, honestly, I couldn’t blame him.

Having your girlfriend take you into a different dimension was a bit scary.

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