King of Crows

There is a tale I’ve heard told about an ancient king. Glendower, the Raven King. He sleeps in the forest somewhere, or so I’ve heard. Waiting for the waker—waiting to join us, the living, once again. Somewhere, Glendower sleeps, dreaming of the day he will be woken. Eager to walk through his lands once again.

Eager to grant the waker a wish.

That’s the tale I’ve heard told.

The tale of The Raven King.

A magical king. A wish-granter. A sleeper whose quiet breaths are full of life.

I’ve heard the tale of that king. Heard it several times, actually.


There’s more to the story than what there appears.

You see, I believe that something isn’t adding up.

There are… things… that can’t be explained by that tale.

Things that we, the listeners, have screwed up.

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Sleeping Wishes

It wasn’t easy to get here.

The path is narrow, full of holes. Every step was marred—echoed, really—by the steps of the jungle beasts. By the creatures of this magical forest. I could hear their cries at night, and feel their eyes watching in the day. At some point, the trees gave up on me, gave in. Began reaching for me, choking up on the path ahead. Trying to prevent me from going forward.

Yes, it wasn’t easy getting here.

Not in the slightest.


When the sleeper wakes…

It will be worth it.

Won’t it?
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Wish Maker

Every floating rock knows:

You might be a meteor someday.

If you’re not a comet—already spiraling, turning to ash, leaving a trail behind you—then you know:

You could be a meteor.

You float around, simply stuck in the void of space. Unable to stop your trajectory. Unable to change things. Unable to take control. You live your life knowing:

You’re just floating in space.

Just floating by.

Control? That’s so far out of sight, it’s not even an illusion. If you’re a rock floating in space, you don’t kid around. Don’t pretend with yourself. You throw all that useless, make-belief trash out the window because you know.

You have no control.

One day, something might catch you. One day, you might feel that tug, that pull. One day, you might not be floating. You feel the gravity of it, and you have no choice in the matter. You’re no longer floating.

You might be falling.



And there’s nothing you can do about it, except to hope.

As you fall from the sky, begin turning into ash, begin building fire, don’t think about the end. Don’t close off your senses. Don’t be overwhelmed by the falling, by the fire. Don’t allow yourself to miss it.


Do you hear it?

Do you hear the last sound?

Do you hear that hopeful plea?

Do you hear?

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Wishing Well

I watched him.

For years, I watched him.

Wandering into the forest, the boy with rags. Holes in his soles. He’d wander in, following the old rocks. Leap the fallen logs. Meander through the fallen leaves until, at last, he’d find it.

The well.

And, that poor boy—do you know what he’d do?

Toss a copper.

Make a wish.

Throw offerings into the well.

Hope that his prayers said before the stones were heard. That his wish would rise off the water, echo into the heavens.

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Star Power

Wishing upon stars wasn’t something I did as a kid.

But it was something she did.

All the time.

Every night we were together—having sleepovers or hiding from our siblings outside—she would always look at the sky. And she would find a star, and she would make a wish.

Sometimes it was the first star. Sometimes it was the last. Sometimes she’d make up an excuse, right on the spot, as to why you could be allowed to wish upon that particular star.

Not that I minded. I didn’t wish, and I didn’t know the rules.

The ones she made up were just as good as the ones those other people made up.

Once she announced that she was going to wish, she would close her eyes.

Shut them real tight.

She’d mumble under her breath, things I could never hear. (I wasn’t allowed to know, that would break the wish.) And then, when she finished her wish, she’d open her eyes.

And she’d smile.

Starlight blinking in the backs of her eyes. Thousands of tiny suns, unable to refuse her their light.

“You know what I wished for?” she’d ask.

“No,” I’d say.

“Good. It’s a secret,” she’d tell me.

And I never pried. Never did ask what she was wishing for.

But now…

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A Wish For A Wish

There was a time when I danced among the stars.

I’m serious.

I did.

I know I don’t look like much. Just a dirty young man who can’t find a razor and lives under a trailer, but I did dance with the stars. All the time.

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