Through the Snow

When I shudder, it’s not because it’s cold.

It’s summer now. Summer, in this muggy, swamp heat. Here, the sun drools on us, breathing hot ragged breaths over our necks. Dragging us across hell’s palm. Scalding us the moment we step outside.

No, I don’t shudder because it’s cold.

I shudder because it isn’t supposed to be cold.

And yet, here I am. Feeling that hand creep across my back. Tracing the outline of my clothes. Clawing to get into my system. Wanting to dig deeper. To tear into me.

I don’t shudder because it’s cold.

I shudder because it’s apparent:

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Wolf of the Winter Wood

I had always thought I liked winter best. The way the cold pricks at your nose, keeps your senses sharp. Covers the ground with white, dusting away what once was in favor of what could be. A clean slate with the death of the past. Of what was.

Yeah, I liked winter best.

In all honesty, I think I still do.


There was one thing I forget to account for.

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What the Star Brought

Everything is constant. Moving forward, and never backward. Progressing toward an end that no one can see, that none of us know in any quantifiable extent.

Everything moves on.

Onward, though not always upward.

Unfortunately, for me.

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Summer Soul

Frost. Snow. Ice.

Staples of winter.

When the wind bites, and the trees shudder, winter has set in. It isn’t all bad, winter is a time of rest. As it should be. One requires rest before they can obtain renewal.


Rest is not permanent. It is the task, but not the goal.


That is the goal.

Warmth stretching your muscles, soothing your bones. A time for heat to seep in, keep your blood pumping. Keep you alive. Heat to bring warmth, to bring light.

Summer to soothe your soul.

That’s the goal.

A place of renewal.

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Cold Seas

Not a lot of people realize just how dark the sea is at night.

It’s extremely dark.

Night rolls in, oppressing the horizon line. You look out, wondering where the ocean ends and the sky begins. The stars glitz in the distance, lights that are long since gone. A small condolence for the onslaught of blinding night. A tiny indicator, for those who are in the know.

The northern stars blinks.

And I blink back.

The night is dark.

The ocean still roars.

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Dragon’s Might

What’s stronger?

I don’t know how to describe the question. How it takes shape in my mind. All I know is that it envelopes. Folds over and over and over, creating the ridges of my mind. Turning endlessly.

What’s stronger?

I’ve seen things man.

Seen things.

I’ve seen waves crashing against rocks. I’ve seen bullets hitting walls. I’ve seen fists hitting flesh.

I’ve seen things that are strong.

And I’ve seen things that are stronger.

Bulls fighting cars. Men fighting women. Evil battling against good.

I’ve seen them.

I’ve seen them all.

And when I see these things, I collect them in my mind. Mark them down. Car beats bull. Good beats evil. Mom beats angry, teenage-angst behavior of son. The winners are clear, and concise, and each one is not strong because they are full of muscle or full of anger or full of pride.

They’re strong because…


I don’t know.

Guess that’s why the question exists.

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Lion Man–Part 2

A continuation of yesterday’s story. You can probably pick it up here if you’d like, but yesterday’s will give you a good amount of context first.

On the fourth day that the lion man, Tau, was at my farm, it finally happened.

The weather set in.

When I woke, I was not greeted by sunlight. By rays of a morning in the full throes of its glory, but instead, by darkness.


Bolts of light flashing, signifying the lightning.

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Warm Winter

It rained down on us. White flurries of frosty fury. Tiny morsels that, alone, meant nothing. But together?

They covered everything.

And it was in this blanket of quiet that I went searching.

Because the cold would only keep away for so long. Continue reading “Warm Winter”