Fail or Fly

“So… you’re—what? Just going to try it out? Right here? Right now? On yourself? No beta, no guinea pig? Just you jumping from a cliff with a pair of fake wings strapped to your back?”

“Yep!” I replied, tightening the strap around the back. The one that would keep me in control of the contraption.

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Between the Bluffs

The hardest thing about falling in a canyon is:

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Ghost Fire

It was on fire.


In an instant, the smoke alarm was protesting. Yelling at me from above. Judging, like a tiny, angry, petty god. Screeching before I could fix my mistake. Refusing me a chance to right my wrong.

Waking my mentor.

Disheveled, he burst through the door—his bluish white hair all askew, and his beard half-smushed from sleep—his eyes going wide when he saw the scene before him. When he saw the flames, and smoke, and chagrined look on my face.

“Damnit Beatrice, I told you: no summoning fire-sprits! And definitely not in the house!”

“Yes sir,” I intoned, saddened as he grabbed the fire extinguisher.

And, with one blast of continuous white fog, he put the fire out.

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Ash And Ash, We Make Dust

Everything burns.

If you put the right kind of fuel to flame, anything will burn.


Buildings. Monuments. Governments. Structures of power, of might. Whole nations can crumble. Can fall.

Can burn.

If only you have the right fuel.

Anything will burn.

Even this:




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I heard the thundering off in the distance. The rolling percussion that signaled their arrival. That sounded the alarms. That started the wave of panic.

They’re coming.

The Four.

Today, they ride.

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To Make A Champion

The night was dark and the wind was howling and the world itself was still. Silent for once. As if it were leaning in, curious. Waiting.

For me.

I would not be beat.

I refused.

Through the dark, I saw him coming with the wheel barrel. Pushing past the rocks in the hill, the bumps, the dead grass. Pushing past the graves and oaks that held hollow to these stones.

He pushed forward. Up the hill.


He was the key to all this. He didn’t know it yet, but he was. He was the one who would bring the victory. The cornerstone in my plan. The one who was going to cement my path. Take down my foes. He didn’t know it yet, but—

He was going to be my champion.

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Warrior’s Way

Expectations are always hard to meet. You never know when exactly you’re overshooting, or coming up short. When people place expectations on you, you just kind of…

Go for it.

And what happens, happens.

You either succeed.



Usually, there’s a pretty clear sign when you’ve met someone’s expectations.

Or when you haven’t.

There are very few people who are understanding about it. Who don’t live to be let down. Very few who get over themselves enough to realize that achieving their expectations doesn’t matter.

Not when you really, truly try.

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What’s In A Hero’s Path

“I don’t understand why you’re following me.”

“You don’t have to be so grumpy about it.”

“Of course I do. If I’m not grumpy about it, you’ll think it’s okay to tag along, and it’s not.”

“And why not, huh? It isn’t like I’m going to slay the dragon for you or anything. I’m just tagging along for funzies.”

“For ‘funzies’?” She scoffed, and then followed up to really, truly, call him on his bluff. “What crap. Why are you actually following me? What’s your motive?”

The young man who wasn’t actually so young, and not so much human as he was man, stopped in his tracks, mirroring the woman.

And he smiled.

Lips sealed tight for a moment, he smiled. His eyes squinting automatically.

“I suppose you’ll have to wait and find out.”

And with that, they were off again. Though not by the woman’s choice. Not this time.

He took the lead, heading down the road she picked.

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A Fine Race

Time is running.

It is running.

Forward and forward and forward.

Faster than lightning. Faster than bullets. Faster than planes, trains or anything man can make.

Time is always running.

And where is it running to? Where does it go? Where does it intend to stop?

I don’t know.

And I won’t find out.

Time has been here before me. It was here before my father, and his father, and his father before him.

And it’ll be here after.

I’m no fool.

I won’t be able to outrun time.

But I can’t stop trying, you know? I won’t give up, because it isn’t time for that yet. If I gave up now, it wouldn’t be right. Nothing would be right.

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The red ran from his fingertips, dripping onto the pavement.

It wasn’t that they didn’t deserve it. In all honesty, they probably did. What were the odds that I was the first to pass by here? That I was the first person they attacked? First person they tried to…


It was over.

For now, I had to push it out of my mind. Get home. Then I could let it sink in. Let the beast of memory burden me with bite. But, for now, I was still in an alleyway.

An alleyway with bodies in it.

I shuddered at the thought.

It wasn’t me who did this. And, upon inspection, I doubt anyone would think of this as something a human had done.

And they wouldn’t be wrong. Not really.

No human did this.

No human could do something like this.

No, it was definitely not a human.

It was him.

He drops his hands to his sides, and they drip. Oozing at first, and then tapering off into small smatters.

Looking at me, he cocks his head to the side, curiously.

I shudder again.

But not because I fear him. It’s for something else entirely. A nagging in my mind that I can no longer ignore.

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