Battle Born

I can feel the wind.

I have seen the clouds form and break. Seen the sky crack and crush thousands. Watched the earth shatter and split, spilling hundreds of lives right into the abyss. I have heard the war cries, heard the drums, the clanking of shields and the splintering of spears. Watched the dark beasts rise, and seen the dragons of blood and bone call us to Hades’s grip.

I have seen all these things. Watched death vomit its curse up, over whole fields, whole towns, whole cities.

I have seen many, many battles.

Fought in many long wars.

I can feel the wind rise, and die. It’s breath becomes just a whisper on my skin.

Dying out.

Just like the rest of us.

Just like me.

I have won this battle, but…

I don’t think I’ll win another.

I’m done for. Continue reading “Battle Born”

More Among The Stars

They say there are quite a few types of love. A handful of ways in which our bonds to people are forged, what they mean, how we respond to them. People are strange, and all of us are very different, you see. And so, although you may connect to one person a certain way, it’s almost a sure thing that you won’t connect to another person the same. Because, with one person, you’ve been through one thing. A very unique, very different experience. As you live your life, you never replicate your experiences—it’s impossible. And, even more impossible, is replicating those situations, and the people your with, and their reactions. Especially if you place a new person in an unfamiliar situation.

What I mean is:

We’re all different. And, in our differences lies our experiences. And in those experiences lies different people as well. Different reactions to those experiences.

And so, the cycle churns onward. Forging bonds from these differences—personality, and character, and experience, and self—all of them meshing together to create these different relationships. Tethers that vary from person to person, in type and strength and importance.

And every moment—every difference that’s added or subtracted—is more than what we are.

Moment to moment, person to person, it all makes a difference.

Every moment we share counts.

It all matters.

Every moment counts. Continue reading “More Among The Stars”

Share of Hearts

The knock was gentle. Timid. Meant to be heard, but not to disturb.

I knew who it was, of course.

So, of course, I let him in. Continue reading “Share of Hearts”

Unity Among Us

Fire and lightning.

They were not happy.

I wasn’t aware that it could come to this. That their tempers would climb so high. That they would stoop so low. As I watched, the earth began to tremble. Humanity began to shake. The foundations of the earth shook angrily at their quarrel.

And I, myself?

What was I doing?

I was watching.

All along.

Through every kick and every punch and every strike.

I watched on. Continue reading “Unity Among Us”

Selfless Instinct


The sound blasts through the sky. It makes the birds stop and blocks out the sound of any semblance of sense. Those in the immediate area lose it, while those far enough away run for their lives. Uncertainty fills the air.


It’s a command.

It doesn’t come from above, nor does it come from below. It’s a call. A demand. Something that can’t be ignored because it isn’t a phone ringing, and it isn’t a dog singing. It’s not loud, and it’s not soft. It is what it is.

It comes from within.


So I do.

I take my cues from myself, and I turn, and I run.

I endure. Continue reading “Selfless Instinct”


When you live on the ocean, you can feel the waves. They set you at ease with their constant pressure. The way they push you, further and further out to sea. It isn’t terrifying. Not something you fear or dislike or find annoying. It just… is what it is. A comfort. Consistency at its finest.

And when the waves stop moving you?

Obviously, something is wrong.

Very wrong. Continue reading “Training”

Overpower, Love

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

I’ve heard it before.

Do I think it’s real? That it’s a solid saying? That it’s founded in truth?


Yes I do.

I wouldn’t be here if I believed otherwise. Wouldn’t be fighting for this cause. Wouldn’t risk my life for it.

If I didn’t believe in that saying, I wouldn’t be standing behind him.

And he wouldn’t be standing at all. Continue reading “Overpower, Love”

Heart of Bramble


They rush up from the ground, soaring to new heights. They claw their way into the sky, marring the ground that they leave behind. Thick thorns protrude from the surface, thousands of teeth. Enough to make a shark jealous. The dark roots rise up, and up, and up.

I am surrounded by thorns.

I stand amongst them all. Stand in the center of this maze of pain. This dark, angry mess. I stand in the center, arms and legs and face still bleeding.

But it’s okay.

It’s okay.

Because here, now, with these brambles, it’ll be okay.

I’ll be safe.

I’m safe.

And no one can destroy that.

…right? Continue reading “Heart of Bramble”

Mine Alone

“We are not our bodies, we are what lies within our bodies.”

I heard that somewhere once. My guess is that someone wise said it.

Or someone who was butt-ugly.

Or someone who was both.

Though, I don’t think they’re wrong. We are more than what we seem, and more than what others see. That’s simply fact.

Too bad people don’t actually think that way though. Continue reading “Mine Alone”

Bridge the Stars

There was a king who reached the stars.

That’s how the fairytale goes.

There isn’t much more detail than that, I’m afraid. Just that there was a king who went out into the woods one day, struck up a deal with a god, and then reached the stars.

And I’ve always thought it was strange.

Why not mention which god? Or what the deal was about? Why keep so much of the story hidden? Why keep it secret?

Because then others would try to repeat it.

Wouldn’t they? Continue reading “Bridge the Stars”