Shattering Dragon

A great dragon is one that cannot be moved. One that cannot be tamed.

One that cannot be conquered.

Regardless of motive, or origin, or place, that is the markings of a true dragon as accepted by dragons. Dragons fear other dragons, as long as they have made themselves known. As long as a dragon has made an element its own. Has made its mark upon the earth.

That is how dragons come to be.

How they come to be known for what they’re known for.

Fire breathing dragons. Ice dragons. Dragons of storm and wind. All kinds of dragons, born from all sorts of elements. Proven to be conquerers of this earth. Proven their lordship over part of the natural world.

A dragon chooses which element to make its own. They work with it, mold it into their bones, into their scales. Into every fiber of their being. The element a dragon picks is essential to where their heart lies. How they come together.

Or break apart.

As some of us are prone to do.

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Treasure of Gods

You know what’s boring?


It’s a fairly predictable process. Even after thousands of years, it hasn’t changed. People pick one day a year to come, to bow, to pretense a prayer, and then they leave a goat or a sheep behind for me.


I own the whole forest! Why would I want your goats when I have my own?

And then they leave for a year. They don’t even attempt to speak to me until it’s that time of year again. The time where they try selfishly to appease me.

I don’t want sacrifice from people.

I want adventure.

And that girl, right there? The one running haphazardly through my woods, with not a single regret about escaping?

She’s the one.

The one who will give me adventure.

I can’t wait.

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