There are inevitable things in this world.

Sunlight. Day. Night. Rain. Air. Water.

Things that exist, and persist. Things that keep going, and that keep the world going. There are things that spin onward, regardless of our hand in them.

There are questions.

And there are answers.

But, occasionally…

There are questions without answers.

And that’s a big difference. Continue reading “Holes”


Sandhill cranes are seriously strange creatures. They’re freakishly tall, have extremely pointy beaks, and are lankier than a teenage Gumby.

But they’re also interesting.

Sure, they sound like velociraptors, and I’d never go near one, not even to save my own life, but they generally travel in pairs.

Honestly, it’s kind of cool to watch them walk around together. Keeping pace with one another. Taking off together.

Unless, of course, they’re heading toward you. Making angry raptor noises. Flapping their wings.

Then it’s kind of scary.

But I like their dedication. The way they look out for one another.

They don’t move on without their pair.

And that’s something I can wrap my head around. Continue reading “Spin”

Olden Fire

Fire is a beautiful thing, but it’s dangerous.

Really, really dangerous.

It burns and it eats. Devours whole forests, devastates communities, takes without mercy. It moves without thought, without feeling. A natural destroyer.

Fire is very dangerous.

But fire is not all bad.

In fact, fire is quite useful. When fires start in forests, it’s usually because that area of the forest is dead. Sure, when it burns it takes the homes of the wildlife, but it paves the way for new homes. For new life. New trees and new plants. It makes room so the forest can flourish, rather than just exist or survive.

Yeah, fire is dangerous.

But it does do good sometimes.

Personally, I think fire was made to be good. It just can get out of control sometimes is all.

Doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. Continue reading “Olden Fire”

Grim Talks

There’s a stillness that resides here. A sort of stagnant energy that leans in the wind. It doesn’t go anywhere, and it doesn’t have a beat. In fact, it makes no sound. Makes no move of its own. It simply is.

The stillness is a unique thing. A necessary thing. At least, in this place it is.

That’s why I’m here.

To protect the stillness.

To protect this finality.

Rest. Continue reading “Grim Talks”


Taking the bottle cap, I rest it between my middle finger and my thumb. A precarious balance, but it’s a motion I’m used to. Actually, it’s so familiar that it’s easy. This cap is from an off-brand soda that I love. Tiger Drink. It’s a bit heftier than a normal soda cap, as it’s made from metal, rather than plastic, but the weight is familiar. I know it’ll make this a lot easier than a normal soda cap. Though the metal requires more strength in my flick, the weight makes it fly truer.

Building up the pressure, I flick the bottle cap.

It soars.

Ricocheting off the wall, it continues its flight. Not with as much momentum, but that’s alright. I don’t want to hurt my target.

I just need his attention.

My efforts aren’t fruitless.

Which isn’t something new, but still.

After it bounces off the wall, the bottle cap hits Ty in the head, just as predicted.

There’s a moment.

It’s something like silence. Something like holding your breath. Something like hoping you haven’t been caught—or, maybe, hoping you have. The moment bleeds impatience, and it screams with anxiety.

Look around Ty, dammit, I think.

In the next moment, I reap the rewards of my aim. Continue reading “Restless”

After Tragedy

Everywhere I look, I feel it.


The beast came. It moved so fast. So, so fast. I don’t know what it was. Nobody does. It was huge, and angry, and it brought rain and wind and fire. It ripped apart so much. Things that took years to build were demolished in seconds.


It didn’t just take things though.

It took lives. Continue reading “After Tragedy”

Us Among the Tombstones

I love Halloween.

It’s not the candy that gets me excited. And it’s not the costumes. And it’s not the decorations. It’s not even the beautiful fall breeze that gently bites through your clothes. Though I love all those things, they’re not why I love Halloween.

Why do I love Halloween?

Because it’s a very special night.

Just for a little while, on this one night, I get exactly what I want. I get to be the one thing that I so desperately want to be, even if it’s just for a few hours.

I can be complete. Continue reading “Us Among the Tombstones”