No Fool

“And? What did you end up telling him?”

“Hmm? The merchant?”

“Yes! What did you end up telling him?”

I was desperate to know.

Lorent smiled at me, taking a sip from his goblet—gold glinting wickedly off his irises as he took his time.

He sipped, and he grinned. Wicked, like a sidhe cat, before he spoke. Continue reading “No Fool”

Goose Chase

When you feel the need to take flight—that itching in the back of your mind, a tingling through your nerves, shooting into your bones with urgency—the best thing you can do is:


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Drowning Kings

I’ve never liked Superman.

Not because he had the lamest disguise, or because he was way overpowered.

But because he was too good.

Power is a natural corruptor. Those thrills—the kind that come with being strong, that come with the ability to conquer—they get to your head. When you’re swimming in power, you eventually hit a ceiling. The container you’re in gets full, even if you don’t realize it. And you can’t swim forever.

Eventually, you drown.

You just… do.

You become what you hate. You monger. You attack. You long for more power. Next thing you know, you’re doing anything—willing to sacrifice everything—to get just a taste more. Just a tad bit stronger. To conquer just one more person, one more thing.

There’s no filling yourself.

It’s never enough.

Which is why I’m not scared.

I’m petrified. Continue reading “Drowning Kings”