All or Nothing

Defiance, by nature, is an act of aggression. A determination to go away from the flow. To destroy the flow. To be so other, that people can’t help but see that there’s more than one way. Defiance can be an arrowhead, or it can be a shotgun blast. So pointed, or a desperate barrage that reaches whatever it can. Regardless of form, it’s strong, and steady. Always strong and steady. Without those qualities, your defiance is nothing. A tantrum. An act. Defiance can’t be so weak. It’s a mountain in the midst of a storm. A stance that stays strong, no matter what the cost.

No matter the cost.

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Swept Away

I didn’t trust it at first.

Why would I? It seems rather strange, doesn’t it? For an average woman to be invited down there. Into the ocean.

By the king of the sea, no less.

Yeah, definitely strange.

It took me weeks to finally agree. Weeks.

When I finally did, he looked… happy. Glad. Not like someone who had something up their sleeve, but someone who wanted to share something important with someone else. Like someone who was getting ready to give someone a gift.

Granted, that could mean nothing.

The Sea King was a mythical man. A man that was not quite a man. For all I knew, that was how sea kings looked when they were readying to drown someone.

But still.

I didn’t think that’s where he was taking me.

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