Melody Beyond Imagination

There was a quiet song.

A lull in the void.

Static that, when focused, became edging. Drawing. Alluring. A song that gave promise to stars, and hope to blackholes. It punched through the continuum with gusto, displaying feasts and boasting of something sturdy on the edge of the horizon, something soft lurking at the very back of space itself. A river coaxing the fish out to something bigger, something better. A creek hidden in the foliage. A place to replenish when depleted.

There was a quiet song in the universe. One that I thought I heard only in my dreams.

But, that wasn’t so.

The song was real.

And it was beautiful.

It was loud.

And it was true to its word.

The song I followed into the universe…

It was you.

All along, there was only the one source. The one promise. Just the one.

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Hello everyone!


Happy Halloween!!!

Well, happy October, anyway.

We all know Halloween is just around the corner, and I am pumped. I love haunted houses, I love the fall air, I love how chilly it gets, I love pumpkin seeds, and I love horror movies. As a kid, I was picked on a lot by my older brother (nothing too bad, just typical sibling shenanigans) and my only way to get back at him was to scare him.

And scare him I did.

Believe me, I did.

In fact, when we visit with each other, I still do scare him. Mostly by accident, sometimes on purpose. It kinda depends on the situation and what mood I’m in.


Halloween was always the best time of year to scare my brother. Sure, he was expecting it, but that didn’t lessen his reactions any, and it didn’t detract from the spookiness of the month. Even something as simple as a song could rock his world, that’s how much of a scaredy cat he is.

That said:

I’m going to take a break from stories today (not entirely, of course, since I’ve already kind of told a few, and since stories are, apparently, an integral part of my life) and instead, I’m going to share a few spooky songs that ought to be blared at this time of the year but are, generally: ignored, or overlooked, or not well-known enough to get to be part of everyone’s spooky halloween spirits.

Without further ado, here is my list: Continue reading “HALLOWEEN!!!!!!”

Three Days, Three Song Lyrics Challenge

So, I got tagged for this challenge by¬†the britchy one. If you haven’t read her blog or checked it out yet, YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I head over there and see what she’s been up to, because it’s usually something hysterical.

And I am extremely grateful to britchy for tagging me in these things. They’re always a lot of fun. Continue reading “Three Days, Three Song Lyrics Challenge”

A Hero’s Favorite Tune

There’s a misunderstanding I want to clear up. That I want to obliterate. That I wish would go away forever.

It’s not that the misunderstanding is bad. Or dangerous. This isn’t one of those types of misunderstandings. Not something earth-shattering, or life-altering. At least, not for me.

See, I already know about the misunderstanding. I already understand it. Know it. Am trying to fix it. The misunderstanding doesn’t effect me because I’ve got it. I’ve already nailed it down.

No. Clearing up this misunderstanding won’t do anything for me.

It’ll do something for them.

I hear the sound of a thousand footsteps. The army of the villain comes calling. Comes to destroy. To take us apart.

A perfect opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding.

I stretch my legs. Stretch my arms. But only for a moment.

And then?

I launch. Continue reading “A Hero’s Favorite Tune”


There is a sound that loss makes.

A sound that echoes.

It isn’t loud. Not at first. It rings quite gently, at first. You hear it loom over you, and then it repeats.


And over.

And over again.

And then, when it stops, you’re left with the sound. A hollow ringing. A broken sound. A sound of once-was.


That is the sound that loss makes.


Thick, heavy. A blanket that covers. A fog that consumes. A mist that conceals. One minute, you’re walking around, and then next, you’re not. You can’t. There’s nothing there to see anymore. Nowhere to go. How can you move forward if there’s nothing to move forward to?

That is the sound of loss.

And I know it well.

Which is why I know that the sound I hear now isn’t the same. It doesn’t equate to loss.

You’re still out there.

You’ll come back.

I know you will.

That’s why you sing. Continue reading “Moonsong”

Importance of Voice

There are all kinds of ways we can vocalize. Talking, yelling, whispering. But nothing is quite as beautiful, or as impactful, as singing.


A voice crying out with concern and melody. Connected to a person who has clearly thought through how they want to sound. Singing signifies purpose, direction to your vocals, not just in what you say, but in how you say it. What you want to convey.

Singing is beautiful.

An extremely directed way of communication.

Not only that, but it’s generally backed with music that emphasizes what the singer wants to communicate. That gives more power to what the singer is feeling as they sing for you. A good singer will compose a song in such a way that it wraps around their words, their tone, their message, and use it only to boost their meaning.

It’s quite a wonderful magic. One that costs very little, compared to what it feels like it ought to cost.

Singing is very important. Not just in today’s world, but even in ancient societies. It was a way of celebrating, of mourning, of expressing yourself.

And it still is.

Singing, to a Muse, is everything.

And our Instruments are just as important.

Without them, there’d be no one to sing. No one to convey the beauty that nature has to offer. Without our Instruments, we Muses would be…well…


Which is why this concerns me.

A lot. Continue reading “Importance of Voice”

Thunderous Lullaby

Have I ever told you about the time I was swept away? About the time the world was in chaos? How everything was shifting and moving and being torn to pieces by storms and winds and rain?

Well then, I’ll tell you.

The wind howled like nothing else.

A thousand wailing souls had nothing on that wind. It was too strong for this world. It blew even the strongest of trees to the ground. It subjugated everything in its wake, and left nothing but devastation.

The rain was no better.

It poured relentlessly, as if all the lost souls that drifted to heaven suddenly realized they were separate from their beloved. They all lamented at once, as one, and flooded every piece of land in sight.

And the lightning?

It was incomprehensible.

It flashed everywhere, but seemingly nowhere. It was here and then there and then nowhere, as is the nature of the lightning beasts that roam the skies. Only, there didn’t seem to be one single area that the lightning targeted. The lightning targeted everything, everywhere, without ceasing. It was as if the gods had unchained the lightning beasts and set them loose on the world. Allowed them free roam to devour our lands, our trees, our people.

But there was one good thing about the storms. About the wind and the rain and the lightning.

The thunder.

It rumbled right behind the beasts, constantly reminding the beasts of their devastation. Of what they were doing, as is the job of a thunder beast. And that thunder, as it rumbled on, understood what was happening. Took pity on us people.

You see, as the world devolved into storms and chaos, and as the storms and chaos chipped away at the world, and as everything began to be swept away, there was me.

And I, too, was swept away.

Not by the wind or the rain or the lightning.

No, not by those harsh beasts. Rather, I was swept away by a gentler spirit.

By thunder.

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