Red Snow, Warm Sands

The snow used to be clear. White. Clean-looking. Crisp, airy tufts that graced the landscape. Bunched together in a kind, soft array.

Before we got here, it wasn’t hard-packed.

Wasn’t disturbed.

And it most certainly wasn’t running with red.

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Beneath the Snow

The thing I liked about snow was:

It was tricky.

Very, very tricky.

It cascades over the landscapes. Washes it to look clean. Gives it a sparkling, new feeling those first few days that it sits. For as long as it remains untainted by dirt, it looks pure. White.

Like the world has been given a fresh start.


If you step in the snow, you find that that’s not true.

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At the time, I was nowhere near him.

Nowhere near.

When I heard the voice roll off the mountain, I thought I was hearing things. Whisperings of the wind. Coyotes cackling at me, trying to play tricks on my mind. Or, perhaps it was a bear roaring. His voice blasting so far and wide that it distorted. That it sounded like a person shouting.

But, no.


It was no wind, no bear, no coyote. It was not a trick, and it was not in my mind.

Because he spoke again.

Yelled once more.

And I knew:

He was calling to me.

To me.

The wilderness itself.

It calls to me.

What choice did I have but to run?

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Winter Beast

It falls. Blankets and exhales of it, raining from the sky. Dropping like a thousand little bites of blistering cold. Nipping at the inside of your skin as you walk, as you breathe, as you move. The Miser himself couldn’t do better.

It’s freezing, that’s the point I’m trying to make.

Freezing, and white, and windy as all hell.

And still, I can’t stop.

Can’t stop.

It’s right behind, you know. Right behind. Trailing through the snow. Sniffing me out. Big, bushy coat keeping it warm while I freeze. While I run, endlessly, through this winter underworld.

I tell you what:

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What The Smoke Says

When I see the red smoke, I count the tendrils.

Every time.

And, every time, the number is smaller. The smoke climbing higher. The days drawing closer.

They will come for me.

Three tendrils.

Two tendrils.


They will come for me.

And, when they do, I’ll be waiting.

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Fire in the Snow


It was the only sound in this white wilderness. The only sound the snow allowed, and only because the snow could not stop it.


The sound of boots against snow.

Coming closer.

And when I turned to find the source, I found it.

I found him.

There are many kings in this world, and I’ve seen most of them.

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The Last of the Dragons

I’ve never thought about it before.

What makes something last?

What makes something the last?

Probably, I’d never thought about it before because I’d never had to. Plus, it’s just a strange question in general. I mean, the last of what? Right? What’s the question even supposed to mean?

The last.

It was the last thing on my mind.

Until I met the last.

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Crawl, Run, Walk

Have you ever felt like life is trying to stop you? Like everything is an obstacle that was built with you in mind? Like no matter what you do, you won’t be able to make it to your destination?

Have you ever felt that?

Let me ask you:

Have you ever been on a mission before? A real one? With real consequences if you fail?

I have.

I have, and I have prevailed.

Because someone once told me that that’s my job. That’s what they call me in for. Why I get paid. It’s not because I’m just some delivery guy—because I’m not. I don’t work for UPS or FedEx or something. I’m the last line. The ultimate deliverer.

I don’t fail.

When I can’t run, I jog. And when jogging becomes impossible, I walk. And when that stops being possible, I crawl. The speed doesn’t matter, I do what I have to do.

I keep moving forward.

As I look down below, at the snow banks, I understand why they’ve called me out today. Why I’m in this blizzard. In this catastrophic mess.

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Warm Winter

It rained down on us. White flurries of frosty fury. Tiny morsels that, alone, meant nothing. But together?

They covered everything.

And it was in this blanket of quiet that I went searching.

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