Simple Understanding

I’ve always been obsessed with things that run well, in perfect tandem. Things that mesh well. That fold together, ever so perfectly, to be something better than all the parts on their own.

I’d like to say that I live my life like that. In perfect tandem.

But if I did, I’d be lying.

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I’m not sure what it was I was seeing, I just knew.

I was seeing something shady.

Something about the way he called Ringer out. The way they shuffled out the door. The reluctance on Ringer’s face and the shifting of the caller’s eyes. Something about it all just…

…added up.

I was seeing something shady happen. A deal maybe, or a conversation. Something about it wasn’t right. Wasn’t on the up.

I just didn’t know why.

Not until later.


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I think I was just tired.

Tired of the fear.

Tired of the waiting.

Tired of trying to gain something that never really mattered in the first place. Something I didn’t need to find with them. Something that was more easily found elsewhere.


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Sandhill cranes are seriously strange creatures. They’re freakishly tall, have extremely pointy beaks, and are lankier than a teenage Gumby.

But they’re also interesting.

Sure, they sound like velociraptors, and I’d never go near one, not even to save my own life, but they generally travel in pairs.

Honestly, it’s kind of cool to watch them walk around together. Keeping pace with one another. Taking off together.

Unless, of course, they’re heading toward you. Making angry raptor noises. Flapping their wings.

Then it’s kind of scary.

But I like their dedication. The way they look out for one another.

They don’t move on without their pair.

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Slides and Screen Doors

At the very beginning of the night, I fell through the screen door. Just, like, fwish. That was the kind of sound it made. And then there was the loud thud or whatever as my drunk ass hit the ground, but that’s not the important part.

At the start of tonight, I fell through a screen door.



That’s not right.

It’s not right.

That happened after.

Way after.

Because I still had my hat on, but I hadn’t busted my knee hopping into the slide.

Not yet.

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Break Through

There’s something satisfying about smashing things. About watching them break and crumble. About watching them shatter, or crack. It was just… satisfying. To see that something out there was a million times for fragile than you could ever be. To be able to break something without hurting someone. It was refreshing.

It was a nice way to let go of some anger.

That’s for damn sure.

I haphazardly tossed another plate up, into the air above me. High enough to give myself time.

Time to ready the bat.

And time to swing.

When the bat connected, there was a satisfying chink and clatter as the plate was decimated. Undone. Guts made of glass exploded outward, scattering over the dirt.

I took a steady breath, exhaling and grinning.

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Clear Waves

“Are you sure this is safe?”


I laugh, I can’t help it. He’s always exceptionally honest.

I appreciate that.

Though it doesn’t help ease my worry as I slowly slip into the empty pool. My feet dangle into the hollow place, too short to reach the bottom right away.

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Safety First

The first complaint my dog made was not about food. Which was shocking. Considering how big he was on begging at the table, I thought that was for sure what he’d want to complain about.

But no.

Right off the bat, my dog was excited to be able to talk. Excited to not be a dog anymore. And then, once the excitement had died down, he’d made his first complaint.

Which was:

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Glass Apartment

“Hey Britt, did you forget to clock out the other day?”

“No, I don’t think so. Why?”

“Well, the system says you were here overnight, all night, working.”

“Last Tuesday?”

“Yeah,” my supervisor, Aaron, says. Clearly, he’s surprised that I would be able to pick a day out. Surprised because that means I most likely did stay the night.

I nod at him though, confirming. “Yep, then the system is right.”

“You worked all night?”


“And all through the next day?”


He’s baffled. Easy to read, and very clearly baffled. His brain tries starting up a few times before the tires finally hit the road with some traction. He’s able to blink again, and he asks, “Why?”

As if working through the night and into the next day were the weirdest thing in the world.

“Because life sucks and I wish I could move to a mountain with a colony of Bigfoot monsters so no one will ever bother me ever again?”

And now his glass-like face reflects surprise. And confusion.

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A Proper Rest

There’s a time and a place for everything.

Everything, I remind myself.

As I wake up to an alarm.

As I go to work.

As I get ready for work.

As I sleep and dream of how much work there is to do.

And then, there’s this:

The time and the place for something so simple. Something peaceful. A tranquil stream to drink at, rather than the white waters that I usually brave.


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