Jumping Experience

Looking over the edge, I realized it, but way too late:

I was way in over my head here.

“You scared?”

I startled a little bit, which was answer enough for her.

She laughed, good-naturedly. “It is pretty scary, isn’t it?” she said, peering over the edge of the cliff with me at the water below.

I’d heard that people had jumped from this cliff before. The girl standing next to me claimed she’d done it time and time again. Thousands or hundreds of times, she’s stood on this cliff, looked over the edge, and leapt.

How brave.

That’s what I thought.

Until she spoke again.

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O Starlit Night

I loved this.

The feel of the cold winter, biting at your face. Determined to freeze you. The motion of time stuck in sludge, powerless against your progression. The sound of the bells in the open, enchantingly lighter than the air, causing nature to be jealous.

There was nothing better.

And, when I finally did allow time to record me, it was only to record these small deeds:

Wonder and amazement.

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Dream Keeper

I don’t make music, and my dreams are generally just for me, but…

That doesn’t mean I don’t have an imagination.

In fact, I don’t just have an imagination.

am imagination.

Don’t believe me?

Then take a snooze. Dream a dream.

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Diesel Covered Sincerity

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first job as a mechanic. Granted, I knew I’d be working with a lot of guys and–because I was a diesel mechanic–I knew I’d be working with a lot of diesel. I knew that I’d be working with buses, since this was a bus company, after all, and I knew I’d have whatever tools I needed in the shop.

However, I didn’t know about him.

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