Last Hope or the Edge of the World

There was an island.

Lonely, isolated. Off to the east, right before the world dropped, there was an island. A waypoint.

Last Hope, they called it.

A place where one could turn back, turn away from the edge of the world.

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Breaking From The Pond

I was on a ship.

And it wasn’t mine.

I was on a ship, stuck in a pond, forced to watch the sun dip behind the ocean, all while stuck on this ship that wasn’t mine, in a pond that was unfamiliar to me, in a land that I only knew from a dream long ago.

I was stuck on this ship.

In this pond.

Watching the sun set over the horizon. Promising stars and guidance on the other side of the skyline. Out there, in the wild of the ocean, I could sail. Guided by thousands of burning lights.


I was stuck.

On this ship that wasn’t mine.

In this infinitesimally small pond.

Int his land that was completely foreign to me.

No, this ship, and this pond, and this land… it definitely wasn’t mine.

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Sailing Pursuits

Sailing was hardly a choice anymore.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without sailing. Without a boat. Rivers or oceans, it didn’t matter. As long as I had a boat, I could follow it. As long as I had a boat, I didn’t have to stick around. Didn’t have to watch and wait.

I could chase.

The wind whistles in my ears, and I drop my sail. Canvas catching, directed. Guided. Over hungry waves and demanding tides, the wind howls through my ears.

I sail forward.

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