Bog Monster

Whenever I passed the bog, I made sure to avert my eyes. Made sure to walk quietly, move quickly. When possible, I avoided the bog. Skipped that part of the woods altogether.

No one told me that it was dangerous. Nobody explained what lurked in the water. What kind of things belonged to bogs. No one had to. I just knew:

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Gentle Darkness, Soft Light

The ghost breathes. A wind that chills me. Turns the temperature down.

Relieves me.


And here I was, wandering about clueless.

Thinking that I was alone. Continue reading “Gentle Darkness, Soft Light”

Fire Control

I’ve looked at fire a lot. Plenty of fires. Tons of them. Forest fires, house fires, bonfires. Fire made from wood, fires made from paper, fires made from plastic. Burns the ozone, I know, I know. But, that loose, flaming cap flying off and hitting Trent in the leg? Worth it. So worth it. I’m less proud of throwing glowsticks in the fire, regardless of how pretty the flames are. Honestly, I’ve burnt so many things, and seen so many things burn, I might be the leading cause of global warming.

Yeah, I’ve seen lots of things burn. Been to lots of fires.

Some of them my creation. Tons of them not. But I’ve seen fire.

I know fire.

And this?

This is… something else.

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Safety First

The first complaint my dog made was not about food. Which was shocking. Considering how big he was on begging at the table, I thought that was for sure what he’d want to complain about.

But no.

Right off the bat, my dog was excited to be able to talk. Excited to not be a dog anymore. And then, once the excitement had died down, he’d made his first complaint.

Which was:

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