A Hero’s Mercy

Being a hero was no easy job.

That’s why I never really wanted it in the first place.

Fighting crime? I was okay with that. Getting shot at? Again, not something that really concerned me. Running into dangerous situations? Fiery buildings? Crumbling structures? Yeah, I can do that. I can do all that, no sweat. Easy as pie.

But this?

This part of the job?


This was why I was so reluctant. Why I, in part, kind of hated being a hero.

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Message to Fate

The dogs go first.

They scamper, running toward our goal. Snapping and barking and baying as they go. Mouths frothing, foaming with excitement as they rush forward. Their teeth bared, snapping.

Their job isn’t to harm though, and they know it.

They’re quite good at their job.

My dogs lunge into the town. Snapping and yipping and nipping people into a frenzy. Into a herd.


The gathering of the gods’ hounds.

The heralding of news.

Something is coming.

He is coming.

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Hero’s End

I can feel it.

I feel the sting in my arm, in my leg. I see the dark red ooze from beneath my fingertips. The pain lances its way all around me, stinging, burning. It spreads liquid fire through my skin, and I know it can only mean one thing.

I’m bleeding.

I feel it in my stomach, against the skin of my forehead, and all around my side. I don’t know how I haven’t come undone yet. Why I haven’t been completely skinned. I certainly ought to have been, with how much pain I’m in. With how much fire I can feel in my body.

But, more than that, I feel this.

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The Monster Machine

I’m not an angel.

Not a demon.

I’m just a man.

Just a man.

And because of that, I know.

One day, I’ll see that other side. I’ll make it across the gap. I’ll walk that bridge on the borderlands. Say goodbye to the things I know, to this life of deceptions and storms. I’ll walk into that other place, find myself On The Other Side.

And what will I find, On The Other Side, I wonder?

Will it be hell that greets me?

Will it be heaven?

Hah. Doubtful.

A man such as myself could never hope to reach so high from such a dark depth. I could never reach heaven. Not from this fathom.

No, hell is much closer. Right on my heels, really.

So, what to do?

Hell isn’t a very pleasant place, you know.

So, what to do?


Very simple:

If I can’t reach heaven, then I’ll raise hell.

I’ll raise it up, and up, and up, until the very tips of both touch. Until the guiding light of heaven reaches down into the pits of hell.

And I’ll cross.

Because if you think that I’ll stop myself. Become something I’m not to appease the rules.

You’re mistaken.  Continue reading “The Monster Machine”