All For Cause

In a world teeming with superheroes, the term “villain” gets tossed around too much. Applied way too often.

And, normally, it gets applied where it isn’t applicable at all.

What makes a hero a better than a good Samaritan? Better than a good citizen? More than just someone doing the right thing?

The answer might surprise you if you’ve never thought about it.

Additionally, the answer mirrors the answer to the question:

What separates a villain from a criminal? Someone nefarious? A no-good person? Someone who’s rotten?

What separates them? Where do we draw the line?

What’s the difference?

If you’ve never thought about it before…


I’m sure the answer will surprise you. Continue reading “All For Cause”

We Without Wings

We without wings.

We watch the skies.

We dream of the chance to fly.

To soar.

We without wings.

We’re constantly looking up.

I know I look up so much, my neck sometimes cracks. Sometimes I crane my neck for so long, that looking ahead seems impossible. At least, compared to looking at the sky. I stare for so long that it becomes painful. Painful to look up, or even down. Painful to think I can only watch from way, way down here.

But I won’t stop staring.

Because if I did, I wouldn’t know what I already know. Wouldn’t have seen what I’ve already seen:


We without wings might always be flightless.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t go to the place of the eagles. That we can’t soar.

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Crawl, Run, Walk

Have you ever felt like life is trying to stop you? Like everything is an obstacle that was built with you in mind? Like no matter what you do, you won’t be able to make it to your destination?

Have you ever felt that?

Let me ask you:

Have you ever been on a mission before? A real one? With real consequences if you fail?

I have.

I have, and I have prevailed.

Because someone once told me that that’s my job. That’s what they call me in for. Why I get paid. It’s not because I’m just some delivery guy—because I’m not. I don’t work for UPS or FedEx or something. I’m the last line. The ultimate deliverer.

I don’t fail.

When I can’t run, I jog. And when jogging becomes impossible, I walk. And when that stops being possible, I crawl. The speed doesn’t matter, I do what I have to do.

I keep moving forward.

As I look down below, at the snow banks, I understand why they’ve called me out today. Why I’m in this blizzard. In this catastrophic mess.

Because I’ll deliver. Continue reading “Crawl, Run, Walk”