Run River, Run

I regret a lot of things.

But I don’t think you can live your life with no regret. It’s unrealistic.

Regret is part of growth. Part of understanding. Letting your regret weigh you down is a mistake, but it’s a good thing to have some regret. It’s a good sign.

It means you’ve grown.

You’ve changed.

Hopefully, for the better.

I think mine has made me better. Stronger.

My regret for you.

I’m sorry. I’m still sorry. I’ll always be sorry. From the day I knew I was sorry, I was sorry, and, until the day I die, I’ll be sorry. Even then, even after I’m dead, I might still be sorry.

I’m sorry.

But I won’t let it weigh me down, because I know that’s not what you’d want. That’s not what my regret is for. It wasn’t meant to be a stumbling block, it was meant to teach me. For me to learn. My regret wasn’t born for hurting me.

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The Day the Dragon Swallowed Fire

At first, I didn’t like the boots. I felt too clunky. Like some kind of cheap, party clown.

But now?

Now I’m used to them. And I’m grateful for them. Without the boots, I’d have lava stuck to my soles.

I’ve never had lava on me before, but I imagine it’d be ridiculously painful. Most people’s skin doesn’t recover.

So, the boots are actually nice.

After all, lava dragons aren’t called ‘lava dragons’ for no reason.

And I would know.

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