Armored Dragon

“You could be brave.”

“I could be.”

“You could be strong.”

“I could be.”

“And you could be the champion.”

“I could be the champion.”

“So then… why not?”

I can’t help but laugh a little at how incredulous he sounds. How perplexed. It would make no sense to him, being a former champion and all, but:

It makes sense to me.

Turning from the ring of fighters, I walk away as I tell him.

“Not all things that could, should.”


I have better things to do than win titles.

I have a king to slay. Continue reading “Armored Dragon”

Bog Monster

Whenever I passed the bog, I made sure to avert my eyes. Made sure to walk quietly, move quickly. When possible, I avoided the bog. Skipped that part of the woods altogether.

No one told me that it was dangerous. Nobody explained what lurked in the water. What kind of things belonged to bogs. No one had to. I just knew:

I didn’t want to find out. Continue reading “Bog Monster”

This Valley

I remember being on the mountain. Seeing the hills below. The way they rolled on, coated with trees. Grass peeking out beneath the trellises of tickling winds. The way everything seemed serene down there. Peaceful. Calm.

I remember being on the mountain with you standing next to me. Proud to show me the view below. You weren’t like the other one. That one was proud because he thought it was better up here. Thought the snow and wind and height gave him something. And, to an extent, he wasn’t wrong.


Unlike you, he didn’t understand what it was the mountain was giving him.

What it was that made this place so special. So glorious. He didn’t understand.

The mountain gave him nothing but a view.

The world, as it is. As it was.

And down there, watching the people move their flocks in the valley, it gave him the greatest gift of all.

A picture of what will be. Continue reading “This Valley”

Top Dog

When you’re walking alone at night through a park and you hear a large noise in the bush, your first thought is usually:

I’m about to die.

Especially if you’re female. That’s definitely your first thought.

I was no exception to that. Especially when my pup started barking. Growling in that too-cute way that only puppies can.

Poor guy.

He was so small, and a cockapoo on top of that. There wasn’t an ounce of him that was scary. Not a single bit.

The thing in the bushes didn’t seem to disagree.

As I stood there, hoping it was a rabbit or a cat or a possum, it emerged.

And it wasn’t any of those things.

It was worse.

Much, much worse.

Really, it only reaffirmed my fears:

I was going to die. Continue reading “Top Dog”

Heart of Bramble


They rush up from the ground, soaring to new heights. They claw their way into the sky, marring the ground that they leave behind. Thick thorns protrude from the surface, thousands of teeth. Enough to make a shark jealous. The dark roots rise up, and up, and up.

I am surrounded by thorns.

I stand amongst them all. Stand in the center of this maze of pain. This dark, angry mess. I stand in the center, arms and legs and face still bleeding.

But it’s okay.

It’s okay.

Because here, now, with these brambles, it’ll be okay.

I’ll be safe.

I’m safe.

And no one can destroy that.

…right? Continue reading “Heart of Bramble”

Catching the Cat’s Tongue

“Are you sure this is going to work?”


“What? Are you being for real? Why am I doing this if it isn’t going to work?”

“I mean, it could work, or it could not. Depends on if its the right one or not, and you won’t know until you try it, and then you’ll know whether or not it worked.”

I gave the man a droll stare. The sharpest, most exasperated look I could conjure.

He just smiled.

This guy was really starting to get on my nerves. And we’d only met yesterday.

If it weren’t for this life-and-death situation, I’d ignore him. But…

As it is…

I sighed. “Okay fine. But I still think you’re a loon, and I still think this is idiotic.”

“Duly noted. Now get out there, and knock ’em dead.” Continue reading “Catching the Cat’s Tongue”

Shattering Dragon

A great dragon is one that cannot be moved. One that cannot be tamed.

One that cannot be conquered.

Regardless of motive, or origin, or place, that is the markings of a true dragon as accepted by dragons. Dragons fear other dragons, as long as they have made themselves known. As long as a dragon has made an element its own. Has made its mark upon the earth.

That is how dragons come to be.

How they come to be known for what they’re known for.

Fire breathing dragons. Ice dragons. Dragons of storm and wind. All kinds of dragons, born from all sorts of elements. Proven to be conquerers of this earth. Proven their lordship over part of the natural world.

A dragon chooses which element to make its own. They work with it, mold it into their bones, into their scales. Into every fiber of their being. The element a dragon picks is essential to where their heart lies. How they come together.

Or break apart.

As some of us are prone to do.

For some of us, it’s all we know how to do. Continue reading “Shattering Dragon”

A Thousand Drums

There is long corridor ahead. A vast hallway. A maze that twists and turns.

There are right paths.

And there are wrong paths.

And there are plenty of places where they intersect. Where the right and the wrong give opportunity for you to switch from one to the other. Which leaves you wondering:

Which is right?

And which is wrong?

It’s is a hefty question. One tied to consequence and reality.

And if I don’t find the correct route?

I lose.

But, what do I lose?

That’s a better question.

And it’s one that’s rather difficult to answer. Continue reading “A Thousand Drums”


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Additionally, I apologize for getting my stories out so late. The past weekend has been hectic with some personal issues going on. So I truly, sincerely, apologize.

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Safety First

The first complaint my dog made was not about food. Which was shocking. Considering how big he was on begging at the table, I thought that was for sure what he’d want to complain about.

But no.

Right off the bat, my dog was excited to be able to talk. Excited to not be a dog anymore. And then, once the excitement had died down, he’d made his first complaint.

Which was:

We don’t all sleep in the same room. Continue reading “Safety First”