The Dragon’s Captive


“Yes father?”

“You… you know we usually kidnap princesses, right?”

“Of course father!”

“Then… why did you bring¬†her?”

“Her” was referring to me.

A scrawny, brown haired farm girl wearing gray clothes and reeking of goat.

The boy—who was actually a dragon—smiled happily. Both at me, and then at his father.

“Because, I like this one. She’s cute.”

And—although it’s not really the story I’m telling—that’s the story of the first time someone called me “cute”.

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Missed Moments

An assassin is sure.

That was the first lesson my mentor taught me.

Wavering—uncertainty—leads to missed moments. And, in the throes of life and death, every moment matters.

Every moment counts.

Hesitation can turn the tides. Flip the switch for someone else. For your target.

Or for you.

A steady hand is a requirement, but a stayed hand is a detriment.

There are many small lessons my mentor taught me. Phrases that I have lived my life by. That I will certainly die by. And he taught me many techniques. Many skills. How to deal with outrageous situations.

He prepared me for a lot of things.

And yet.

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Princess and the Wolf

Princesses are always supposed to be rescued by a prince. That’s how the story¬†always goes. And it goes that way for a reason, yes? No one wants to see the princess end up with some ugly bandit or frumpy innkeeper. Princes are ideal. They’re daring, brave, strong, and future kings. If nothing else, they can secure a good future for their princess bride. Everyone wants the princess to end up with the charming prince.

Especially the princess.

Believe me, I’d know.

I’m the princess, after all.

At least, in this tale I am.

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