An Inner Demon Speaks

There is rain and there is wind and there is fire in this world. And they rage and they roar and they drown us. They run rampant. Out of control. Everything you’ve built in your lifetime can be trampled entirely to dust so easily by these monstrosities. These natural foes that wage their wiles. These wiles that they impose on us.

And what can you do but drown?

But be blown away?

But burn?

And what can make things better? What can heal what the world itself breaks? What could possibly even hope to give you strength to move forward? To continue?


I wonder.

I look through the wind and the rain and the glass to see them sitting and laughing and I wonder.

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Do you know what fear is?

Do you?

Maybe you’ve felt it before. That hand inside your spine. It threatens to grip you, to tighten until you break in two. Lingering, moving, shifting. It evolves into anything and everything you see. You get confronted with it at every step. What if this is it? What if this is the thing? The one thing that will ruin everything?

That type of fear is called worry.

It whittles away at you. Eats you slowly. Devouring every thought in steady succession, chomping and chomping away at your roots until you shrivel away. Decay into nothing. A once beautiful, strong tree, eaten away by the worms.

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