Between the Tides

“Well… since you’ve come this far, I’ll let you inside—but don’t touch anything.”

“Uh, okay,” I replied.

“Not ‘okay’. You say ‘yes’ like you mean it.”


Huffing, the guy turned and walked back into the cottage. Not even bothering to make sure I was following.

I was.

“Shut the door on your way in,” he called over his shoulder, moving down a flight of steps.

I could feel it.

My nerves were bubbling. Oozing. All my veins were dancing, jittering against my bones.

All my life I’d waited for this. Looked for it. Sought after it.

And now?


I was finally here.

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Ocean Calling

By the ocean, you can hear it.

If you’re quiet enough. Humble enough. Tired enough.

You can hear it.

It’s not a siren’s call. It isn’t the sound of a mermaid. Not the kraken’s roar.


It’s not nearly as angry as all that.

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Sea Monster

When I was younger, the sea terrified me. Almost always, but, especially:

At night.

It seemed so… endless. So dark. Like a void had opened at the other end of the horizon, and, should I decide to set sail, I would be the one falling end over end into oblivion. When I looked at the sea at night, I could see nothing but dim stars. Heard nothing but never-ending waves, an ocean that never relented. Out there, on the open ocean, you were at the mercy of the dark sky. Completely at a loss should a storm sweep you under its wings.

And that’s how scared I was before I ever thought about what was out there. What could be lurking beneath the waters. What horrors sat under the surface, waiting for a chance to strike.

When it finally occurred to me, my cowardice increased tenfold.

The sea, and its monsters…

They were fierce, I knew that.

Back then, when I looked at the ocean, all I could feel was the fear. Overwhelming. Suffocating.


When I was younger, I was terrified. Too terrified to ever leave my home. That sinkhole of an island. Back then, I thought the quicksand was safer.

But, now?


These open waters?

These lurking monsters?

This black hole horizon?

I’m determined:

They will be mine.
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Turtle’s Trail

There was a night when I was on the beach, and I was quite blessed. Happened to cross the sand at the most opportune time. Was there to witness something incredible. Something breathtaking.

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This place is so cruel.

Light shining only through darkness. Day only reaching out after the light. Beauty only existing because ugly things take root here.

This world is so cruel.

And I’ve known that. For so long—all my life in fact—I’ve known it. Lived it. Experienced it.

So why?

Why did I think I’d get away from it?

That I could outrun this, my greatest fear, and still reach the light?

Kind of stupid, really.

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The Ocean’s Precious Pearls

When he rose up from the water, I wasn’t sure what to think.

The ocean man…

He was nearly naked.

Not a man, and not a fish. Not drowning, and yet not enjoying the land-breathing. He was a strange thing, rising out of a wave as if it were pushing him up.

Very strange.

That’s what I settled on thinking.

And, I wasn’t wrong. He was quite strange. Still is. But, that didn’t mean I didn’t like him.

In fact, I liked him quite a lot.

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Sea of Possibility

There was a sea here, vast and dark. A sea that used to reach for miles, for centuries. A sea that churned in the tides of time. That lapped at the shores, taking sand away like a mighty hourglass. Something unaffected by such things, and yet, something that insisted on affecting others.

But not anymore.

There was a sea here, yes, but…

It has receded. Gone out like a great swelling wave, like the sweeping of the tide itself.

There was a sea here, but no more.

No more.

And in its place?




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Swept Away

I didn’t trust it at first.

Why would I? It seems rather strange, doesn’t it? For an average woman to be invited down there. Into the ocean.

By the king of the sea, no less.

Yeah, definitely strange.

It took me weeks to finally agree. Weeks.

When I finally did, he looked… happy. Glad. Not like someone who had something up their sleeve, but someone who wanted to share something important with someone else. Like someone who was getting ready to give someone a gift.

Granted, that could mean nothing.

The Sea King was a mythical man. A man that was not quite a man. For all I knew, that was how sea kings looked when they were readying to drown someone.

But still.

I didn’t think that’s where he was taking me.

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Dark Waters

The first time I swam with him was in a pool. Controlled. Watched. The taste of chlorine bit at the back of my throat, stung my eyes.

Very tame. That’s what it was.

The second time I swam with him was in a river. Tubing. Lazily floating along. Hovering over the water more often than swimming in it, confusing the fish below.

Slow, steady. That was the experience as a whole.

And the third time?

The third time I swam with him?

It was nothing like those first two times.

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