Ocean Calling

By the ocean, you can hear it.

If you’re quiet enough. Humble enough. Tired enough.

You can hear it.

It’s not a siren’s call. It isn’t the sound of a mermaid. Not the kraken’s roar.


It’s not nearly as angry as all that.

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Red Snow, Warm Sands

The snow used to be clear. White. Clean-looking. Crisp, airy tufts that graced the landscape. Bunched together in a kind, soft array.

Before we got here, it wasn’t hard-packed.

Wasn’t disturbed.

And it most certainly wasn’t running with red.

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Flooding Lions

If you were in an ocean, a fish would go unnoticed, yes? They’re fairly common there, don’t you think? If a fish were to jump in the ocean, it wouldn’t be strange for the other fish. It’d be relatively common place, no?

That’s what I think of—what comes to mind—when I think of his arrival. The tall man, with the black bow and piercing arrows, with the gnarled sword and jagged dagger.

The tall man with the black beard, the monster’s cloak.

The tall man astride the most beautiful beast I’d seen.

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Grim Light

I have wandered. For my whole life, in fact. First through the mountains, then down the river, and now, I’m here. In the dip of the valley. Huddled between two mountains. The night greets me as it always does—as it always has. With silence and shadow. Places to run, to hide.

I never meant to come out of that darkness. To step into the beam of light.


She was hurt.

The small thing without fur.

On a cold night, she shivered against the itchy, dead grass. Life spilling from some spot on her body. The mountain cat still lingering nearby, frightened, though it’d done so much damage. Though it had fought—and won—against such a small, frail thing.

Silly cats.

Always so skittish.

I offered to take the small thing from him, and he quickly gave me permission. Gave me his thanks. Ran off, back into the higher parts of the mountain. Where the pinkish things didn’t often tread.

I never meant to step into the light.


But that night, because of that foolish scaredy cat, and this dying little furless thing…

I did.

And it seems to have shaken me to my core. Brought me from the shadows into a place where light can touch. Where things are not what I’ve thought. A place of reality, and yet, it feels like an illusion.

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Rest will come soon.

It’s the only thing that keeps me going. Makes me able to take the next step, or any step at all, for that matter.


The wind is chilly today. Biting from the back of its own throat. Gnawing at my sleeves, at my boots. Covering over my coat.

It burns my nose. Stings my eyes.


It just means that I’m still making it. That I’m not there yet.

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Man of the Shell

I knew a man who made a deal with a turtle.

It was just one deal. Just once. He never spoke to the turtle again after that. Never went back to see how it turned out for the turtle. Didn’t care to.

He made a deal with a turtle.

He traded the turtle his house for the turtle’s shell. The turtle wanted more stability, the guy said. Told me it was easy to talk him out of his shell. Talk him into that place instead, that place of brick and concrete. So, so easy.

And, once the deal was done, the guy moved on. Took the turtle’s shell, and went out on the road.

And the guy never did look back.

He was too content.

I often wonder if the turtle felt the same.

Or if, sometimes, he thinks about it. Thinks about his old shell. His mobile home.

I wonder:

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Road Untraveled By Cowards

“You’re a coward.”

I remember those words hurting once. But only once. Because, at the time…

It was true.

Back then, I was a coward.

There was so much out there. So many things you could come across. So many atrocities you could face. Dragons and giant spiders and undead and bandits out to slit your throat when you slept. That was a lot to handle. And, if you’re not ready for it, it still can be.

But I know now.

Because I’ve been out there.

I’m not a coward.

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Mine Alone

“We are not our bodies, we are what lies within our bodies.”

I heard that somewhere once. My guess is that someone wise said it.

Or someone who was butt-ugly.

Or someone who was both.

Though, I don’t think they’re wrong. We are more than what we seem, and more than what others see. That’s simply fact.

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Bone Deep

There are heavy burdens, and there are light burdens, and there are burdens that are short lived.

And then there are burdens that never go away.

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Lion Man–Part 2

A continuation of yesterday’s story. You can probably pick it up here if you’d like, but yesterday’s will give you a good amount of context first.

On the fourth day that the lion man, Tau, was at my farm, it finally happened.

The weather set in.

When I woke, I was not greeted by sunlight. By rays of a morning in the full throes of its glory, but instead, by darkness.


Bolts of light flashing, signifying the lightning.

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