Air Raid

I could hear the moaning outside. The tell-tale sign that something was happening. Growing in the dark of the night. A moaning that was not made by any person. I could hear it, the wolves howling into the night. Piercing through our houses, our homes. Warning us:

It comes.

It comes tonight.

Run, if you dare. Hide, if you can. Do what you must to survive.

They come.

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Hunter in Progress

“Ugh, disgusting. It smells like a thousand pigs ate a bunch of muck, died, and then gave birth to zombie-rats.”

Honestly, it was a fairly accurate description.

I nodded, wading through the muck. Listening intently for what I was looking for. Not wanting to disturb the sewer more than we already had.

But, of course:

The rookie was completely unaware.

“So, what are we looking for, exactly? I mean should we—”

I spun. Heel digging into something grotesque as I did. Shotgun pointed just to the left of the newbie.

I sighed.

A sound that became menacing through my mask’s filter.

“Listen Bucky, I know this is your first time out in the field, and I get that you’re excited, but, do us both a favor: zip it. Alright?”

He looked a bit hurt at that, but said nothing.


“Just take note of everything you see, and I’ll take questions at the end, alright? I’ll tell you what’s important afterward.”

“Uh, okay?”

“It’ll be a good way to tell if you’ve got what it takes to stay alive in this job, too. So don’t flub it up,” I ordered, turning and marching off into the muck.

“Wait,” I heard him mutter. And then, louder—in a faux-whisper—he said, “What does it take?”

“Details,” I muttered, intent. Listening.



A sound ricocheted off the wall. Pricking my ears with alarm.

I cocked my gun, pointed it like a bloodhound on the trail.

“And guts,” I finished telling him.

Before I marched further into the sewer.

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Rise, Helsing

Knowledge is power.

That’s what my old man would tell me, right before he went off to fight. To claim back “what was taken”. To push back against evil. It was the last thing he told me, right before he never returned.

Knowledge is power?

What a load of crap.

Knowledge isn’t power.

Just because you know those lights at the end of the tunnel are a train doesn’t mean you’ll be saved. Knowledge isn’t power.

It’s knowing.

There are things in this world coming for you. Things that are nearly impossible to stop. Knowledge just lets you know. Makes you understand exactly how much fear you should have. Continue reading “Rise, Helsing”


Revenge is petty.

A waste of your time. A way to be consumed, to give your time and energy and life away to something that’s already stolen from you.


Vengeance is not my goal. Not my ideal. What I do, I don’t do out of hate, or spite, or anger. Revenge is not my motivation.

I have more important things to do. Better motivations.

I have lives to move forward.

People to protect.

Them included. Continue reading “Untrapped”

Get Free

Chains are not all physical.

Never forget that.

Never let anyone tell you you don’t have it bad. That you’re easy to understand. That your life is easily lived. Not if you’ve seen things. Not if you’ve been to places so dark a flashlight couldn’t help. Don’t let people tell you you’re overdramatic, or that your life could be fixed in a heartbeat. Because, even if that’s true, it isn’t in the moment, is it?

Chains are not all physical.

You can be free and still be a prisoner. Chained to that thing that happened, or that thing that you want, or that person you’ve got. Things aren’t always so easy. Being liberated isn’t an exact science.

Because there’s always something that can tie you down. Continue reading “Get Free”

Monstrous Tale

I was supposed to kill you.

That’s what I was brought here to do. What I was hired to do.

What I know I should do.

Not just for my sake, but for the sake of others.

You’re dangerous.

So very, extremely, dangerous.

And yet…

Time after time…

…I can’t seem to pull the trigger. Continue reading “Monstrous Tale”