No Fool

“And? What did you end up telling him?”

“Hmm? The merchant?”

“Yes! What did you end up telling him?”

I was desperate to know.

Lorent smiled at me, taking a sip from his goblet—gold glinting wickedly off his irises as he took his time.

He sipped, and he grinned. Wicked, like a sidhe cat, before he spoke. Continue reading “No Fool”

Beast Trigger

They thought they could change me. That immersing me in this… darkness… would help. That it would make things different. Fix me. Shatter the thing that claws. That bites. They thought they could break the beast within me by plunging me into memories. By trying to change what I know. Change my experience. Eliminate the past.


I told them this wouldn’t work.

I’m all for destroying the beast inside—believe me, I am—but…

I want to do it right. Correct. Vanquish the beast completely.

I know the beast within. I know it well.

After all—this beast within?

It’s just me.

And I knew:

This wouldn’t work. I told them very directly, very plainly.

This won’t work.


I wasn’t wrong. Continue reading “Beast Trigger”

All or Nothing

There is a beating drum somewhere. A resounding sound. It fills my blood with every beat. Dragging my heart along to its carnal rhythm.

A drum of rage.

A drum of determination.

A drum of war.

There is a beat that goes on, and on, and on.

And it won’t stop.

Not now.

Not ever.

Not even when I’m dead and gone. Not even when I’ve lost this fight. Lost this life.

Because this is it.

This is all or nothing.

There is no peace outside of this.

None. Continue reading “All or Nothing”