A Hero’s Mercy

Being a hero was no easy job.

That’s why I never really wanted it in the first place.

Fighting crime? I was okay with that. Getting shot at? Again, not something that really concerned me. Running into dangerous situations? Fiery buildings? Crumbling structures? Yeah, I can do that. I can do all that, no sweat. Easy as pie.

But this?

This part of the job?


This was why I was so reluctant. Why I, in part, kind of hated being a hero.

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The Danger in Starting a Fire

He strode forward, his horse practically roaring.

And for good reason.

The king was not charging into a battle for the sake of fighting a war.

He was charging into battle for the sake of fighting against it.

Which, if you weren’t aware, you ought to know:

The latter is far more dangerous.

Far more.

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Value of a Life Raft

“You don’t understand.

“I don’t say that you’re not beyond saving because I believe in people. Because I think that there’s a well in every person that spouts goodness, and never hits rock bottom. I don’t say that because I believe in the wonders of mankind. Because I think people are inherently good.

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