Spirit of Halloween

Cold wind bristles the trees. Leaves scatter as the children move like sheep, walking from house to house. Collecting their treats.

Not understanding.

Cute princesses and adorable pirates. Kids dressed as faux vampires, scruffy werewolves, and pop-star zombies. Silly costumes, trivial things.

Things that won’t trick.

Not in the slightest.

They’ve no idea why they’re dressing up. What the goal is.

But I do.

I know.

And I partake properly.

Not because I’m stingy. Or because I’m some crazy “purist”. But because I know.

I believe.

Tonight—and tonight only—it’s happening. They’re here.

They’re out.

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Hollow Masks


A magical device meant to ward off evil. Send the unwanted away from your person. Hide yourself from the gaze of the undead. From the gaze of those that would hurt you. Masks, back in the first days of All Hallow’s Eve, were meant to keep you safe. Protect you from the unknowns of this world. From the evil that surely lurked in the shadows, that came out to play on this one night every year.

They were a magic like no other. A warding off of evil. A way to protect yourself.

Masks were a sanctuary that not even the dead could cross. A facade so believable, even the monsters are fooled.

A way to engulf yourself so fully that you’re never found.

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A Tiger’s Tricks

There’s a trick to everything.

That’s what my Papa used to say. The trick to milking a goat? Squeeze, don’t pull, and give them something to eat while you milk, they kick less if they’re eating. The trick to house-training your cat? Put him in the litter box once and then don’t move it, he’ll find his way back when he needs to do business. The trick to getting your dog to stop scooting across the carpet? Well, that’s easy, but it’s a bit gross. I won’t go into details, but there is a trick for that as well.

There’s a trick to everything.

Even walking through the jungle.

My Papa told me that tigers like attacking from behind. Wear a mask on the back of your head. That’ll deter any curious tigers. But, of course, the real hungry ones won’t care. A meal is a meal is a meal, after all. If they’re hungry enough, they’ll attack you from any side.

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