Jumping Experience

Looking over the edge, I realized it, but way too late:

I was way in over my head here.

“You scared?”

I startled a little bit, which was answer enough for her.

She laughed, good-naturedly. “It is pretty scary, isn’t it?” she said, peering over the edge of the cliff with me at the water below.

I’d heard that people had jumped from this cliff before. The girl standing next to me claimed she’d done it time and time again. Thousands or hundreds of times, she’s stood on this cliff, looked over the edge, and leapt.

How brave.

That’s what I thought.

Until she spoke again.

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Have you ever jumped before?

Don’t answer that yet.

I could be referring to anything, really. You don’t know at this point what I mean, do you? I could be talking about sky diving or trampolines or diving.

Or I could be talking about bridges. Buildings. Something tall that leads to something unforgiving. Something merciless.

Have you? Ever jumped before, I mean.

I’ll tell you this:

The wind when you jump? It’s endless. Like diving into a hurricane. A reminder that fills your ears that you’re not in control.

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