YEAH!!!! Book update

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Hey everybody! I haven’t done a book update in a few (time is irrelevant to me, so it feels like forever and somehow yesterday that I last updated, but I think its been longer, but I don’t know because, again, time seems irrelevant to me. Probably because the only thing breaking up my days is when I work at my other job, or my other other job, or my other other other job, as opposed to working my primary job, but, anyhow, I digress) and I’m REALLY stoked about this update because… well… I feel like I’m making headway.

*Knocks on wood*

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Book update: I might be figuring things out (maybe)

Okay, so, looking at the site, it takes my analytics as well as votes into consideration. For example, even if I were to get a hundred votes, if there were no reads on my story, it’d be bubkiss. They wouldn’t consider me for publication. So, the way to support my book (if you want to, and I absolutely, positively love and appreciate if you do) would be to read it through. And get others to read it, if you can. Or if they’re interested. (I get if the subject material isn’t one-hundred percent for you, its about werewolves and survival and there’s some gore stuff in it. But, if you like it, and you want to support me, that would be the way to go about it.)

Things the site takes into consideration the most is read-through. So, if it looks like readers are reading all the way through my story, it’ll still be more likely considered for publication than someone whose book was started a million times, but not a single reader finished it. And every time someone starts OR continues to read my story, the analytics counts it as a “read”. And the amount of “reads” you get is the deciding factor in if they will/will not consider you for publication.

So, yeah.

I’m truly and sincerely sorry for the headache, and thank you so much if you’re still reading these updates and sticking it out with me.

Sorry I am SOOOOOOOOOOO bad at technology and stuff.

Truly and sincerely sorry.


Truly and sincerely, thank you!!!!!!!!


Hey y’all!!!

This isn’t a story, which, I know, isn’t my usual style, BUT:


I wrote a book.

Not for the first time.

And probably (hopefully) not for the last.

However, it kind of depends.

See, I submitted my book to Inkitt. They do this contest where the winner gets a book deal. They get to be a published author, et cetera, et cetera. So, please read it below, let me know what you think and, if you like it—PLEASE VOTE FOR IT.¬†