Watcher Watcher

There is a creeping sensation that comes with the night. Lurking from the shadows. Looming above or beneath with no explanation. No information. Until, finally—

It pounces.

Not all nights are like this. Some are peaceful, restful. Some are full of dreams, full of sleep. It’s just the nights where one should look over the shoulder—nights in which the dark holds more than sleep.

Those are the nights to look after.

And, tonight…

It’s one of those nights. Continue reading “Watcher Watcher”

Mad Hunt

If you stop looking so hard, you can find it. That moment when your eyes stop focusing, when you feel yourself going drifting, that’s where it is.

No, no. Don’t try to grasp it.

Let it grasp you.

That’s the only way to get there.

Though, I have to tell you. Warn you, really:

It’s a terrifying place.

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To Be Trifled With

Warlocks were not to be trifled with.

That’s how the saying goes. How it’s been for thousands of years, despite no one really using the word “trifled” anymore.

Because there really wasn’t any other way to put it.

Warlocks were not to be trifled with.

How stupid do you have to be to ignore a thousand-year-old saying?

Pretty stupid, I think.

So, I don’t know what that makes me. But, it probably isn’t good. Continue reading “To Be Trifled With”

Monstrous Tale

I was supposed to kill you.

That’s what I was brought here to do. What I was hired to do.

What I know IĀ should do.

Not just for my sake, but for the sake of others.

You’re dangerous.

So very, extremely, dangerous.

And yet…

Time after time…

…I can’t seem to pull the trigger. Continue reading “Monstrous Tale”

Don’t Play With Your Food

I stop in my tracks, confused for the moment.

Reaching up a claw, I scratch a bit doggishly at my head.

Fur cascades down in a slight rain.

Well, it is shedding season, after all…

I shake myself out once, which brings another flurry of fur, then sniff the air. Testing it.

Under my breath, a growl escapes.

Aggravated more than ever, I retrace my steps. Go back to the start of my big wolfish prints. To the beginning of this game.

Then I find the smaller ones. The ones that aren’t oddly shaped, nor are they animal shaped.

Human footprints. Continue reading “Don’t Play With Your Food”

Ferocious Appeal

I’ve never been anything but ferocious.

In a world where everyone is an animal, you have to be. That’s the way I see it. Especially in a world where your kind is going extinct.

You have to be ferocious to survive.

There are more predators out there. More people. And they’ll hunt you down. They’ve got no problem doing it. Trust me, I’ve seen it before. Where do you thinkĀ my family went, huh?

I’ve never been anything but ferocious.

Usually, it’s just directed at the world. At everything in general. Like trying to touch a porcupine. You bristle up, and they get the idea. They’ll stay away, leave you alone. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. To be left alone. At least that way, I’ll still be alive, right? That’s why ferocious is all I’ve ever been, and I’ve never shut it off. Never directed it anywhere but out.

But now?

Now is different.

I’m directed now. Continue reading “Ferocious Appeal”

Heart of the Dragon

A dragon’s heart is a very coveted possession. It has the power to heal, to destroy, and, most of all:

To burn.


That’s what dragons do.

Or, did.

Most of them went extinct. There used to be thousands of them. My grandpa told me you could hardly look up without spotting one. They were as numerous as birds.

But then, the secret of a dragon’s heart was discovered.

And then, as with all things humanity covets, they were cut down from the skies. Fires were no longer breathed into existence. However, humanity still used the hearts for fires.

We nearly destroyed ourselves.

For now, it has been deemed illegal to hunt dragons. Though, frankly, the law is seemingly pointless.

There are no more dragons.

At least, that’s what I had previously thought.

But that night, I saw wings in the sky. Bright blue. A stark contrast the the dark above, and the speckles of light. There was no moon out, so I supposed it could have been the shadows playing tricks on my eyes.

It was doubtful though.

The shadow of light blue moved to the mountain. I watched as the shadow descended on the mountain.

And I marked the spot in my mind.

Here I am, not even a day later, and I’m climbing that mountain. Determined to find that dragon. Not because I want to take his heart. No, I’m not that selfish. Nor am I that arrogant. I don’t want to take his heart.

I just want to see it. Continue reading “Heart of the Dragon”

Tiger Chase

There are two types of chases.

The first is the most common. Where you’re running away from something that’s running at you. Both of you are giving it your all because you just might get away, and your pursuer doesn’t want that. You both are completely aware that there’s a chance for you, the runner. The one fleeing. Because the pursuer can’t go on forever. Eventually, they’ll slow down. And, eventually, they’ll fall so far behind, they won’t be able to catch you.

That’s the sort of chase dogs give. Or humans.

It’s the more common form of chase because it holds more truth to it. Generally speaking, neither pursuer nor pursued can continue forever. And, just because they’re pursuing, doesn’t mean that they’re unstoppable.

At least, that’s generally true.

But not when it comes to the second form of chase.

Having someone run at you full speed, with everything they have, is intimidating. Scary. But it’s even worse when they don’t give it their all. When they don’t run.

When your pursuer walks.

That’s the second form. The scariest form.

Because, your pursuer isn’t walking for no reason. They’re not walking because they can’t run. They’re walking because they’re confident. They know.

It doesn’t matter.

If you run, and if they run, it’s pointless. Useless.

Because they know that, in the end, they’ll catch you.

They’ll catch you.

This second form of being chased is far more terrifying. It causes panic. You feel claustrophobic because you know that the walls are closing in. That, no matter where you turn, it’s just another corner, another snag that brings your pursuer closer.

It’s the type of chase that fires give. That storms give. That tigers give.

Only the fiercest of hunters pursue this way.

And, as I run, I know it in my bones:

You’re not like a dog. Not like a human.

I see your tiger eyes. Your slow walk.

And I know.

You’ll catch me. Continue reading “Tiger Chase”

It Calls from the Dark

You have no idea, do you? Probably not. If you knew, you’d never call me paranoid. If you knew, you’d think I was actually smart.

If you knew what hunted me.

You’d stop thinking my lights were childish. That my lighter and can of spray deodorant weren’t a silly “weapon”. That sleeping only during the day was smart.

You have no idea what hunts me, do you?

For your sake, I hope you never find out.

Because that means it’s hunting you too. Continue reading “It Calls from the Dark”