Grave Secrets

The earth reaches up to me.

And I push it down.

I take my bare hands and I slam into the dirt. I claw, and I punch, and I pack it down. Soft gets matted down into tough turf. Loose soil loses it’s gentle touch as I pound it into something coarse, unforgiving.

There are legions under the dirt.

There are whole worlds buried beneath this earth.

Monsters and milestones and madness.

Things that time has forgotten. That humanity has forgotten. Things that are no longer important, because people have stopped knowing they existed.

This will be no different. Continue reading “Grave Secrets”

Killer via Carrot

You know what’s terrible? What makes you feel like the absolute worst?

When something goes wrong, and you know, with absolutely certainty that it’s one hundred percent your fault.

It’s awful.

You get this festering in your stomach. This sort of hollow, ache. Thoughts circulate worse than a whirlpool, and it takes you under. Thoughts about how it’s your fault. How awful this thing you’ve done is. And then comes the real kicker: Continue reading “Killer via Carrot”