There are inevitable things in this world.

Sunlight. Day. Night. Rain. Air. Water.

Things that exist, and persist. Things that keep going, and that keep the world going. There are things that spin onward, regardless of our hand in them.

There are questions.

And there are answers.

But, occasionally…

There are questions without answers.

And that’s a big difference. Continue reading “Holes”


There used to be air in these lungs. I’d fill them, over and over again, just to listen to the air leave me. To feel myself change the wind, if only for a moment. To change the wind, if only inside of me.

But now?

I don’t know.

I’m not sure.

I don’t know where it went.

Where did all the air go? Continue reading “Breathless”

A Dream of Jungles

Going, and going, and going…

I know what I was made for.

Sitting still, dormant, living in the town you were born. That isn’t me. It never was, and it won’t ever be the person I’ll become.

Because I want more.

I hunger for more.

Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with this town. Or the people. In fact, I don’t mind it here.

But this place doesn’t have it.

Don’t ask me what “it” is. I just know it isn’t here.

From here, I’ll be going.

And I can’t stand the idea of anything stopping me. Continue reading “A Dream of Jungles”