Beyond the Moonlight

Blitzing moon that glares down at the forest, streaking the undergrowth with tendrils of lunar light. Small specks are lit up here and there, disturbing the tranquil dark. Upturning the critters in the wake of the night’s gaze. Always questioning, always wondering.

Always hoping.

In the night, there are things that are seen that can’t be unseen. And there are things that are unseen that can be known, and yet, remain unseen. The forest at night is a magical place, a new realm. Home to the darkest of beings, the most silent, the most watchful. Night in the forest is a place, not a time. It is an essence, a creature unto itself.

And there, in the dark.

Sitting between the sparks of moonlight.

Hiding under the gaze of stars.


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From the Ground Up

I can’t do much in this world.

I can’t fight. Can’t scheme. I don’t have money. Don’t really have influence, either. I wasn’t raised to be made of iron, and I wasn’t brought up to be made of stone. My teeth only come out when absolutely necessary, and I get kind of nervous when people raise their voices. But, you know what?

Who cares?

Honesty, what does all that even matter? What can it even amount to?


Not compared to what I can do.

For some reason, what I can do is actually pretty grand.

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Christmas Day Goose Chase

“Hey, do you see it anywhere?”


“Where could it have gone?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen it since it’s been opened.”

“Did one of the cats maybe drag it off?”

“I have no idea. But it’s completely possible.”

The hunt continued.

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Future Givings

“Hey, what do you want for Christmas?”

“Hmm… a zebra!”

“I can’t get you a zebra.”

“Then… a live-in orchestra.”

“What? How would that even work?”

“Fine, then I want my own Holiday World of Old.”

“What? What is that even a reference to–oh, wait, The Nightmare Before Christmas, right?”


“Well, that’s still a ‘no’. Sorry. Give me a real answer.”

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Let Me Be Surprised

Everyone has something that they absolutely, positively love. Like the sky or the sun or cold nights or Dr. Pepper.

For me?


adore surprises.

Imagine it: you’re going about your day, and then a wind of change sweeps you up. You’re minding your own business and then wham! you’re given this opportunity. To change the day, or to add to your day, or to bring yourself or someone else happiness.

It’s wonderful.

The idea is absolutely appealing to me. Every surprise is a gift. Bad ones, good ones, doesn’t matter. They’re all gifts, a tool you weren’t holding the moment before. Sometimes the tool you’re given is wonderful, and sometimes you think it’s useless. But then, you put it in your belt and, surprise, you use it later.

Every surprise can turn into a good surprise.

That what really makes them surprises.

Though, I have to admit…

Sometimes, a surprise is a little bit more than that. It doesn’t change your day.

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