Giant Problems

Basements—especially the unfinished ones—were my least favorite. You never knew what you were going to find down there. Unfinished ones were usually designated storage space. Sometimes you’d find weird things, like mannequins, or halloween decorations, or old machinery. Sometimes, there’d just be mounds and mounds of boxes.

Sometimes, you’d find the source of their problems.

The cause for their fear.

Basements were hotbeds for them.

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Sticky Situation

Honestly, I hated this. Every moment of it.


You have to do what you have to do. Especially when what you have to do is stop yourself from killing others.


Being a Werewolf 101:

You go crazy on full moons. Whether you want to or not, and you’ll probably end up killing someone.

Being a Werewolf 102, though:

Witches can help.

They’re a pain in the ass, and they’re crazy, and mostly smell like moss and stinky cheese.


They can help.

You just have to live long enough to get the help, that’s all. Continue reading “Sticky Situation”