Grim Awaits

“I’ll be here.”

The words repeat themselves over and over in my mind. My legs move to stand, and they stop. The words are there.

I’ll be here.

Sit. Stand. Sit. Fidget. Keep sitting.

Don’t move a muscle.

The promise can’t be broken. I can’t be found a liar.

I’ll be here.

I sit.

And I wait.

I’m here. Continue reading “Grim Awaits”


I think I was just tired.

Tired of the fear.

Tired of the waiting.

Tired of trying to gain something that never really mattered in the first place. Something I didn’t need to find with them. Something that was more easily found elsewhere.


I was probably just tired. Continue reading “Tired”

Bone Loss

Stumbling across things in the woods is what I live for. What I’d die for. There’s so much out there, just waiting to be found.

I was still young at the time. Young enough that I didn’t know.

But now I do.

Some things aren’t meant to be found. Continue reading “Bone Loss”

Dark Waters

The first time I swam with him was in a pool. Controlled. Watched. The taste of chlorine bit at the back of my throat, stung my eyes.

Very tame. That’s what it was.

The second time I swam with him was in a river. Tubing. Lazily floating along. Hovering over the water more often than swimming in it, confusing the fish below.

Slow, steady. That was the experience as a whole.

And the third time?

The third time I swam with him?

It was nothing like those first two times.

The third time I swam with him was in the ocean. Continue reading “Dark Waters”

Bridge the Stars

There was a king who reached the stars.

That’s how the fairytale goes.

There isn’t much more detail than that, I’m afraid. Just that there was a king who went out into the woods one day, struck up a deal with a god, and then reached the stars.

And I’ve always thought it was strange.

Why not mention which god? Or what the deal was about? Why keep so much of the story hidden? Why keep it secret?

Because then others would try to repeat it.

Wouldn’t they? Continue reading “Bridge the Stars”

Storm Chaser

They say that, at the very center of any storm, is a calm spot.

A place for rest.

A place where the storm originates.

The eye of the storm.

Should you ever find yourself stuck in a storm, that would be the safest place.


Getting to the eye?


That’s a different story entirely. Continue reading “Storm Chaser”

Lone Wolf

We are all afraid of something. It doesn’t matter how young you are, or how old, everyone is afraid of something.

And, sometimes, the fears we have are common. Or, at the very least, have common roots.

New things.


The unexpected.

A lot of people fear those. They fear them because they fear what’s out there. What they don’t know:

The unknown.

That’s the root.

It’s a common fear.

One that comes to light all the time. One that gets shoved into our faces all the time, whether we realize it or not. Because there are a lot of things that are unknowns.

That’s why they were afraid of him.

Why I was afraid of him.

I didn’t know how to respond. How to react. He was an unknown. A giant question mark sitting in my classroom.

It didn’t occur to me until later, but:

We were question marks to him, too. Continue reading “Lone Wolf”

Shadow Man

He bled.

I was not aware that they could bleed. That shadows had that capacity. That the creatures that haunt our waking days and our restless nights had the ability—no, had life enough in them for something so mundane. Something so normal.

But they do.

And he did.

He bled.

Teeth bared, blacked near the gums. His pearly whites glistened with saliva, clearly fatigued by something. His shadow hair was mussed, messy, as if he’d been tossed into a large headwind. His form was hunched, curling over himself. The outlines that were clearly his arms went to hide his midsection. To do something to them. To cover his stomach, it seemed.

And from his stomach?

The dark mass that marked the middle of him?


Oozing, just as it would from a person.

He bled.

And I couldn’t find it in me to turn him away. Continue reading “Shadow Man”

Fire in the Snow


It was the only sound in this white wilderness. The only sound the snow allowed, and only because the snow could not stop it.


The sound of boots against snow.

Coming closer.

And when I turned to find the source, I found it.

I found him.

There are many kings in this world, and I’ve seen most of them.

But none compared to him. Continue reading “Fire in the Snow”

Dark Comes the Nightmare

I had a nightmare last night.

It was of you.


There was this hole.

And there was a feeling. A dream feeling, with no real start. No roots. Only meaning, and certainty, despite it ghosting in. Despite it having no right to exist.

A feeling like I would never get to you. Continue reading “Dark Comes the Nightmare”