Beneath the Snow

The thing I liked about snow was:

It was tricky.

Very, very tricky.

It cascades over the landscapes. Washes it to look clean. Gives it a sparkling, new feeling those first few days that it sits. For as long as it remains untainted by dirt, it looks pure. White.

Like the world has been given a fresh start.


If you step in the snow, you find that that’s not true.

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Star Chaser

A blue sea, set above the earth. Embedded behind the clouds. Reaching to heights—worlds—that we can’t see. That we can’t describe. A blue hue that deepens the mystery when the sun goes down. That darkens our vision, brings tiny lights to the forefront of our minds.


Stars are up there, swimming in that ocean sky. Even during the day, they’re up there. Twinkling. Burning. Brilliant hues of red, orange, blue. All of the colors, probably. They shine so bright. So, so bright.

And, when I go out at night—I head to that field. And when I look at the sky?

I can feel it.

All the stars burning. Simmering. Reaching from millions of billions of miles away. Reaching out to graze the planet with their light. To simply touch down, if only for a moment.

I can feel their effort.

I can feel their light.

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When the Warlock Wakes

I knew a genius once. He was my mentor, actually. Taught me, first in high school. Then, once again, when I entered college. And then, again, when I went for my master’s degree. And my doctorate. And again, afterward.

When I became his assistant.

He taught me a lot. A whole awful lot. About tons of things. Theories and science and things you could see.

And things you couldn’t see.

The man I knew was a genius. An absolute genius. It wasn’t his mind that made him that way, or his IQ. No.

It was his determination. His willingness to explore. To find. Discover. He always saw himself as a pioneer. An explorer. Someone who wasn’t afraid of the turning seas. Of never reaching land again.

Because to him, it didn’t matter.

If he could find the unknown, delve into lands unseen…

If he got his answers, then it didn’t matter.

Nothing did.

I’ve only just recently come to that conclusion. That understanding. The man I knew was a genius, yes.

But at what cost? Continue reading “When the Warlock Wakes”

Sea of Possibility

There was a sea here, vast and dark. A sea that used to reach for miles, for centuries. A sea that churned in the tides of time. That lapped at the shores, taking sand away like a mighty hourglass. Something unaffected by such things, and yet, something that insisted on affecting others.

But not anymore.

There was a sea here, yes, but…

It has receded. Gone out like a great swelling wave, like the sweeping of the tide itself.

There was a sea here, but no more.

No more.

And in its place?




Opportunity. Continue reading “Sea of Possibility”

A Monster Breaks Free

There are cracks. Small, tiny holes. They bring the light down, sifting through the obstacles. Reaching down and down and down into this din. Reaching out below.

Cracks in the floorboard.

This basement is broken. Incomplete. It is whole and hole and completely incomplete.

This basement is a world. A place of its own.

It is home.

And it is hell. Continue reading “A Monster Breaks Free”

Empty Worlds

When I was a kid, I used to think being an explorer would be great. That it’d be super cool.

Just me, running off into the sunset. Chasing down the unknown, making it real. Making it fact. Bouncing from place to place, doing my best to map out a clearer world for myself, and for others.

That was what I thought exploring was.

And I wasn’t wrong.

But I wasn’t right either. Continue reading “Empty Worlds”