Glass Apartment

“Hey Britt, did you forget to clock out the other day?”

“No, I don’t think so. Why?”

“Well, the system says you were here overnight, all night, working.”

“Last Tuesday?”

“Yeah,” my supervisor, Aaron, says. Clearly, he’s surprised that I would be able to pick a day out. Surprised because that means I most likely did stay the night.

I nod at him though, confirming. “Yep, then the system is right.”

“You worked all night?”


“And all through the next day?”


He’s baffled. Easy to read, and very clearly baffled. His brain tries starting up a few times before the tires finally hit the road with some traction. He’s able to blink again, and he asks, “Why?”

As if working through the night and into the next day were the weirdest thing in the world.

“Because life sucks and I wish I could move to a mountain with a colony of Bigfoot monsters so no one will ever bother me ever again?”

And now his glass-like face reflects surprise. And confusion.

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Weaks and Weeks Without Sleep

Sleep is an enemy. An enemy of the weak.

I’m weak.

I’ll admit that.

But, only to myself.

Other people don’t see it. They don’t know how weak I am. How I reject sleep. They think I’m hardworking, that I’m invincible. Unstoppable. Camera crews kill each other for shots of me, and interviewers plague my phone begging for just a second of my time.

They think I’m strong.

The strongest.

But I can’t sleep.

Not because I don’t want to–because I do. Like hell, I do. I’d give my soul for sound nap, and I’d give three lifetimes over for the chance of a full night of rest. But, deals with the devil weren’t my specialty.

So I don’t sleep.

I don’t sleep because I always dream.

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