Overpower, Love

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

I’ve heard it before.

Do I think it’s real? That it’s a solid saying? That it’s founded in truth?


Yes I do.

I wouldn’t be here if I believed otherwise. Wouldn’t be fighting for this cause. Wouldn’t risk my life for it.

If I didn’t believe in that saying, I wouldn’t be standing behind him.

And he wouldn’t be standing at all. Continue reading “Overpower, Love”

Red Doors

“Gateways aren’t toys. They’re not to be trifled with. If anything, you should see them as doorways directly to Hell. Would you want to open a door to Hell?”

I shook my head no.

Pop nodded. “Smart lad. Now get back to the house and help Nan and Gi with supper.”

It was my first lesson about Gateways. About things other, things unknown. Things not from here.

And it was the most important.

But, time has a way of fading urgency. Of making us forget the importance and history. The relevance.

Or maybe humans are just fools.  Continue reading “Red Doors”