Hyde Within

It tasted like sanitizer. Like rubbing alcohol. Like pouring acid down my throat. A plastic bottle full of poison.

But I drank anyway.

Let the burn run through me as the haze settled in. As I started to sway, to fog up.

To forget.

An impossible thing, forgetting.

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The Price of a Vial

“Hey, pass me the wine please. I need another drink.”

“You always needs another drink.”

“Yeah, there’s never a time you’re not drinking Tim.”

“Except that one Thanksgiving he ruined. Remember that? I’ve never seen him in worse spirits.”

“Worse spirits? What’re you talking about? He didn’t haveĀ any spirits.”


It was a family get-together like any other. Only, it was my turn to host. I’d only just recently been able to move back into my nice home, and we’ve never had a family gathering here before. I guess they figured it was about time. Or they figured they’d ask me while my miracle cure was still working. Let me host while I still physically could. Probably, it was rather thoughtful of them.


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