Kindly Magic: Part II

Magic is, inherently, selfish.

Taking the world and twisting it to make something of your own—twisting reality to make a thing you find more appealing—that is the nature of magic. The nature of fiends.

The nature of faeries.


And what an overwhelming, overpowering, magic it is.

That was what he’d told me. How he’d explained himself. And I told him something else. Something different.

Faeries are not the only ones with magic.
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Heart of Bramble


They rush up from the ground, soaring to new heights. They claw their way into the sky, marring the ground that they leave behind. Thick thorns protrude from the surface, thousands of teeth. Enough to make a shark jealous. The dark roots rise up, and up, and up.

I am surrounded by thorns.

I stand amongst them all. Stand in the center of this maze of pain. This dark, angry mess. I stand in the center, arms and legs and face still bleeding.

But it’s okay.

It’s okay.

Because here, now, with these brambles, it’ll be okay.

I’ll be safe.

I’m safe.

And no one can destroy that.

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Devil’s Smile

Everyone likes to think evil comes, unannounced, with a voice rising like the darkest pit of hell. That it shows up in black cars with flaming wheels and license plate numbers marked “666”.

But that’s not the case.

In fact.

Usually, it’s the opposite.

Evil doesn’t show up with horns and a tail.

Evil usually shows up with a smile.

And damn.

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Of Monstrous Mind

There’s a lot of unknowns in this world. A lot of things that you’ll never be able to grasp, to understand.

But it really sucks when the thing you don’t know—the knowledge that’s most out of reach—is knowing who to trust.

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Ferocious Appeal

I’ve never been anything but ferocious.

In a world where everyone is an animal, you have to be. That’s the way I see it. Especially in a world where your kind is going extinct.

You have to be ferocious to survive.

There are more predators out there. More people. And they’ll hunt you down. They’ve got no problem doing it. Trust me, I’ve seen it before. Where do you think¬†my family went, huh?

I’ve never been anything but ferocious.

Usually, it’s just directed at the world. At everything in general. Like trying to touch a porcupine. You bristle up, and they get the idea. They’ll stay away, leave you alone. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. To be left alone. At least that way, I’ll still be alive, right? That’s why ferocious is all I’ve ever been, and I’ve never shut it off. Never directed it anywhere but out.

But now?

Now is different.

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Boat in Wait

The boat sat, as it always did, in the middle of the field. Abandoned, or so I assumed. It never moved. Never swayed. It lived there, in that field.


I was sure.

Because what boat sits in a field and doesn’t wait? What boat sits in a field and thinks “yeah, this is what I was made for?”

No boat.

It sat in that field.

And it waited.

And every time I passed that boat, gazing at it from my moving mini-van, I couldn’t help but think that, maybe… just maybe…

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A Dog and Chance

Rehab is never easy. Not for any reason. Not for any person.

And certainly not for animals.

Looking at the beast before me, it was clear to see that life–and humanity–hadn’t been kind to it. It was matted and mangy and had all kinds of lacerations. He looked like something that came unraveled in the dryer. Then, once it was out, your kid threw up on it. That’s how bad of shape he was in.

But I wasn’t in this for no reason.

In fact, this was the exact reason I was here.

Lost causes.

Because if there’s one thing I know about life, it’s that it’ll always give you a second chance. You just had to find the strength and courage to take it. And I wanted nothing more than to help with that.

Second chances.

That’s the whole reason my parents named me Chance. And I wasn’t about to let them, or anyone else, down. Not if I could help it.

Still a little nervous, I went into the cell with the wolf-dog anyway, steak in hand.

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